3 Reasons Why Its Tough To Drop Weight

By: Viggie

Losing even the smallest amount of weight can be challenging for many. Losing weight is not something that you can simply think about to achieve. It is something that is going to require time and commitment to get there depending on the scale of your goals.
These 3 things can hinder you and make your job more difficult than it needs to be. That is why knowing what they are and how to stay ahead of them can help you lose those desired pounds. Without proper knowledge of things you are doing wrong it will be difficult to know which things you need to alter in your life.
The first thing that could be causing your weight to go out of whack is the stress level in your life. People react to stress differently. Some start eating to cope with it and others just stop eating when they are stressed out. Neither of those options sounds too healthy to me.
When your stress levels increase this causes the body to increase hormone production. These hormones when triggered cause the body to store excess fat. The key here is you need to point out what is causing stress in your life and do your best to eliminate the source or at least know what the source is so you can try to avoid it.
The next thing that could add to your challenges is your bodies toxicity levels. These can be obtained from eating processed foods. Your body uses the extra fat you have to store these toxins and the more chemicals you eat the more your body is going to want to keep that excess fat around. To change this, try and eat foods that are organic or have not been sprayed with pesticides or any other chemical that could be sending your body out of whack.
The final tip should be a no brainer but you are always going to be fighting an uphill battle if you consume alcohol on a normal basis. Plain and simple alcohol has negative affects on your body. If you can not give it up totally then use in moderation as it will continue to slow your ability to lose weight.

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