3 Most Likely Attackers a Woman Will Encounter

By: Gen Wright

Murders and assaults are widespread crimes, not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the world. And it is unfortunate that many victims of violent crime are women. It does not have to be that way. In some cases, women can avoid becoming the victims by taking more active role in their personal safety.

In order to live independently, a woman needs to be well versed in the best practices of dealing with any threatening situations. She must be able to stay calm and maintain control in the midst of adversities. It is also helpful to know the most likely scenarios where attacker might strike. By knowing about the most likely situations she might be attacked, a woman can avoid taking unnecessary chances.

Crimes of Opportunity and Random Acts

Crimes of opportunity and random acts of violent are usually committed when attackers have the advantages and there is no other person within distance to answer calls for help. The perpetrator sees he has the chance to commit the crime at that moment and seizes it. The victim may not be paying attention to her surroundings and may end up giving the perpetrator the opportunity to take control. She can surround herself with others when she is likely to be in one of these circumstances, and she can avoid the encounter altogether.

Planned with Precision

Not every attacker waits for opportunity to come knocking on his door. Some pick their victims. They follow them. They study their habits. They watch their schedules. And they make plans. Then, at the right moment they attack. While a woman can be at extreme disadvantage in these situations, she can greatly reduce her risk by paying more attention to her environment.

Passion and Expedition

Sometimes an attacker does not wait for the right moment, and he does not plan. Instead, he figures that if he operates quickly, he will avoid capture. It is impulse such as rage or heartbreak rather than premeditation. He either attacks with passion, enraged by something that he perceives the victim has done to him, or he is after something other than the assault itself. In other words, the attack is secondary to something else.

Attacks can be in any combinations of these three scenarios or it can be on its own. All of these situations and attacks can be dangerous. For a woman to maintain her independence and personal safety, she must be alert and be vigilant. Doing so will ensure that perpetrators keep their distance and stay away for good.

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