3 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About The Logging Industry

By: Jarrod Curry

Many people have a problem with the logging industry. We know that forests are being cut down all over the world, especially in places like Brazil, China, and Canada. Environmentalists around the globe are concerned that these logging efforts are going to deplete the world of our precious oxygen. Additionally, all of the logging done in an area does a lot of damage to the local ecosystem.

The irony is that no one stops using wood products. Nearly every single person on the planet, if not everyone, is a consumer of this global logging industry in some way. From things as small as toothpicks to large-scale building projects, we all use wood one way or another. We can't get around it.

Maybe logging is a problem, but it may not be as big as we think it is. Here are three interesting facts about the logging industry that you may not have been aware of and could potentially soften your view of it.

A. 1 tree, 1 person, 1 year
All of us use wood products; we have to. Sure, not all of the wood we use comes from deforestation, but a lot does. Between paper, pencils, construction projects, shipping materials, packages of every consumer good you can think of, furniture, even your house, we use a lot of wood. It's estimated that at least one tree per person is used every year to meet our consumer needs.

B. Simply planting trees doesn't rebuild a forest.
The forest is much more than just a bunch of trees. They're not farms. Forests have ancient trees which serve as homes for wild animals. They have rivers and creeks of the purest water you can find anywhere, filled with fish great for humans and animals to consume. It's an entire ecosystem, and just replanting trees isn't going to put back an ecosystem that has been destroyed.

C. Myth: We have less trees today than we did several hundred years ago.
Humans have come a long way in the last 300 years or so. Even in developed nations we have far more infrastructure in our countries than we did in the 1700s. We've raised cities upon cities, built roads, and have developed a lot of technology that uses a lot of land. Despite all that, we still have about the same amount of forest as we did 300 years ago.

It's not just blind destruction
The great news about the logging industry is that at least in places where it can be regulated, there are very strict guidelines on how the forests can be used. Some places limit the space in which a logger can harvest trees. Other requirements exist to make sure that the same number of trees that were cut are also replanted.

It's good to see that while we can enjoy the consumer products that are made from the trees that are cut down, there are responsible people making sure that future generations will have the same chance we do to enjoy a pencil or even a walk through the woods.

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