3 Healthy Ways to Stay Well During Flu Season -- Beyond the Basics!

By: Judy Dolan

Here are 3 normal ways to help you stay well during flu season that are more than the basics. Consume concentrated, enzyme-rich foods to provide an abundance of antioxidants, beneficial plant substances and curative properties. Ingest an abundance of nutrient-dense fluids from freshly juiced fruits and vegetables to allow the body to promptly absorb and maintain imperative elements important for staying well. Consume a broad range of nutrients from different sources to sustain a balanced diet for maximum healthiness. If you do these three things in addition to the fundamentals, you tremendously increase your probability to stay well during flu season.

Letís face it -- most of us labor to get it all right all the time. We may exercise and get enough rest. We may get sunlight and clean air. We may stay away from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. We may even eat exclusively healthy whole food. But do we do it all the time or in a balanced way? Chances are for a good number of us the answer is no. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves during times of higher susceptibility like during cold and flu season? In my view, certainly there is.

We understand the fundamentals about how to stay well during flu season. The fundamentals include:
Avoiding getting sick by avoiding exposure to microorganisms
* By washing your hands frequently
* Covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing; hopefully others will too
* Avoiding|Staying away from} people, mainly ill people
* Avoiding|Staying away from|Steering clear of} drugs, tobacco and alcohol which can lower your resistance
* Getting lots of sleep
* Getting sufficient exercise
* Getting lots of fresh air
* Getting a little sunlight

There is more to staying well under rough times than merely avoiding the negatives, getting rest, fresh air, exercise and sunlight. We need to do more than the fundamentals. We should not only keep away from junk food, but also eat and drink super charged food. This helps to defend the body naturally so the body is able to resist disease and stay well during flu season. What the body desires to protect itself is:
* Concentrated, enzyme-rich nutrients
* An abundance of nutrient-dense fluids
* A wide diversity of nutrients from diverse sources

Enzymes have the ability to speed healing and protect the body from free radicals and disease organisms. Concentrate nutrients by juicing enzyme-rich fresh produce. This provides the body with nutrient-dense liquids to help protect and nurture cells and flush toxins out of the body. The best, easiest way to eat and drink an ample mixture of concentrated food is to use a juicer that juices both fruits and vegetables.

For optimal nourishment and enzyme concentration, consume sprouts, the essence of the perfect super food. Sprouting grains, seeds, beans and legumes helps ensure enzyme-rich nourishment and supplies alternative food sources for a more balanced diet. Consume sprouts in salads, on sandwiches and some even juice well. You can even dry the sprouts and grind them to make flour.

Here are a few ways to extract great nourishment economically to stay well during flu season naturally. A centrifugal ejection juicer like L'Equip 215 XL Juicer juices both fruits and vegetables. It is very reasonably priced, simple to wash and requires a smaller amount of chopping. You can even juice small to medium size apples whole. For more efficiency, single and twin gear juicers like Samson and Green Star Juicers generate greater quantities of juice. The juice superiority is higher also because the RPMs are lower producing a smaller amount of resistance. These juicers do require more chopping, fruits must be very firm and they do cost more. Grow sprouts using economical Food PANtrie Dehydrator, which doubles as a sprouter, is very reasonably priced, requires no electricity and is free to operate.

If you follow the above recommendations regularly, you receive:
* Natural nutrition
* Long-term benefits
* A greater probability of a strengthened immune system
* A greater chance to stay well during flu season
* A greater chance of an improved you
* If itís too late you are already sick, get better faster using these same techniques.

Besides just avoiding contact and getting adequate sleep, exercise, fresh air and sunlight, you can improve your likelihood to stay well during flu season by
* Consuming concentrated, enzyme-rich nutrients from
* Freshly juiced fruits and vegetables
* Sprouts
* Drinking lots of nutrient-dense liquids made with juicers that juice variety like
* L'Equip 215 XL Juicer for juicing fruits and vegetables
* Samson Juicer for juicing some very firm fruit, leafy greens and wheatgrass that yields higher quality juice
* Green Star Juicer for some very firm fruits, leafy greens and wheatgrass that produces the highest quality juice
* Ingesting an extensive selection of nutrients from diverse sources
* Fruits and vegetables, especially juiced
* Sprouted grains, seeds, beans and legumes -- juiced or otherwise

Stay well during flu season this year and do it naturally!

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Judy Dolan has studied nutrition for over 27 years. She has a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics, knows multiple healing therapies and is owner and operator of www.hope-for-health.com/ which offers healthy-living products, free information and focuses on helping people obtain health.

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