3 Great Front Lawn Landscaping Ideas

By: Frank Froggatt

I am going to provide you with three really good ideas to help lessen the amount of maintenance required for your front yard. If plans of a maintenance-free front yard are in your sights, then this article can give you some good usable ideas.
For many people having a low maintenance yard is a high priority. Any of the professional landscapers in your area can easily create your low-maintenance front yard or you can do it yourself. Whichever way you choose you can have the desired look for your landscape that takes little to no work and still looks fantastic the whole year through. If you decide to go with a professional you need to make sure that they are aware of what your plans are and that you want to have a front yard that requires very little maintenance.
#1 Get A Smaller Lawn
If your front yard landscaping design does away with a lot of the grass and replaces it with other things most of your maintenance can be eliminated by that process alone. Mowing the lawn can take up a lot of time and energy so keeping the grass to a minimum is a great way to save on work. Try get some advice from experts in front yard landscaping about different alternatives that you could possibly make use of that will keep your yard looking awesome without having to use a lot of grass.
#2 The Benefit Of Clover Over Grass
There are a lot of people who decide to use clover as an alternative to grass. Using a clover lawn in your front yard landscaping is a good idea because it will save you money and time. You will not have to mow it very often at all and a clover lawn is even good for front yard landscaping in area that is prone to droughts. It grows very well in most places. And best of all for those who want to get out there and enjoy their front yard landscaping, bugs hate clover.
#3 Automate Your Sprinklers
It can be a real hassle to water your yard as well. That is why many people incorporate automatic irrigation systems into their front yard landscaping designs these days. Adding automated sprinklers can save you a lot of time and money. You probably won't be able to find an easier way to keep your yard looking watered and healthy through the hot summer months.You can say goodbye to sprinkler hookups and dragging the water hose around.These systems can be installed by a professional quickly and easily or you can get a kit and install it yourself. If you have never done it before I would highly recommend hiring a professional. It you did it yourself, and by chance caused a leak, you could end up facing flooding or rotting and neither of these things are what you really want.
Making your front yard more maintenance-free doesn't have to be a difficult process, and there are a lot of things you can do to make it so. Finding the right front yard landscaping design that you can live with just takes a little bit of work and time in planning. I have provided you with three simple ideas that can move you towards having the maintenance-free front yard that you desire.

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