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Since the birth of the Internet, millionaires have been created and working from home using your computer is gaining its popularity. The number of Internet surfers increases every year and you can gain a share of this giant pie.

Internet marketing is a low cost marketing strategy that you can use even if you have little budget. There are many companies who know employ successful Internet marketers as consultants to launch their corporate Internet marketing campaign.

Below are some of the basics that are used even today by successful Internet marketers in generating leads, tracking sales, doing market research and most importantly, increasing the company's profits.

Search Engine Optimization

This is one the basics to propel large number of visitors to the website. Basically, search engine optimization is a study of tweaking the websites to be ranked higher for the chosen keywords. For more details go to www.outsource-beginners.com. Depending on the area of niche the company is in, choosing certain keywords that have high search volume and at the same time low competition, the company can easily rank at top ten results of major search engines.

For example, there may be a lot more people searching for the word “boat”, but interested buyers or people will search for a more specific keyword like “used boats in Canada”. In this case, if you have a business that is selling second hand boats in Canada, you will of course aim to optimize for this set of keywords. For more information login to www.squeeze-page-profits.com. Using tools from Google, you can easily know other nearer keywords that you can optimize, the trick is to aim for the first keyword, once the website is shown on page one of Google, proceed to optimize for other similar keywords, for example “used houseboats in Ontario Canada”.

They are already searching for what they are specifically looking for, if you can provide that, it's targeted and interested prospects visiting your websites.

Building links is another trick in getting higher rankings in search engines, it works something like voting. Having many links pointing back to your website for a keyword say “cheap boats in Canada”, it means that your site is an authority for that particular niche.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

When searching around for information, did you notice the results that are in different color and appearing at the top or the side of the real results? There is also a wording that says “Sponsored Results” These is the companies or websites that pay Google by form of bidding to place their advertisement on the top of certain keywords search.

They are being charged by the number of clicks which means the number of visitors to their websites. In this case, they are buying targeted visitors to their websites. You can create an account easily with major search engines and start bidding on keywords to have your website listed.

The same principles apply; keywords that have higher competition will have a higher minimum bidding price. In order to be successful with Google Ad words, there are mini courses offered by Internet marketers like Perry Marshall who gives insights to the techniques of using Ad words effectively at lower cost.

Article Marketing

It is a form of advertising by providing free contents to the Internet community, with quality content that you've presented in the articles, you will gain popularity and authority in the long term.

These visitors can be highly targeted because they are reading your articles if they are interested in your content or information that you are writing. At the end of the article, there is a resource box where links will be pointing to your website which allows people to find out more information.

Some tips for article marketing is to capture readers' attention first by offering quality information rather than promoting your business. Article marketing is a long term strategies for your websites because it will continue to bring in traffic as long as your articles are well written.

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