3 Basic Exercises to Improve Your Vertical Jump

By: Jayden Shemayah

Are you looking for some fundamental movements to advance your vertical leap? There are several out there. These will offer you a good foundation to start from. You must ensure that you follow them closely. Many people perform the right exercises, but they don't do them correctly. Begin with the exercises we outline below and you will possess a good foundation for improving you vertical jump.

Many people mistakenly suppose that it is only the leg muscles that need to be developed to increase your vertical leap. Your lower back and erector muscles need to be strong too. Many of the back muscles are heavily involved and require strengthening as well. Your plan should consist of exercises for the back and waist areas as well. Which brings us to our first exercise.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are great. Arch your back, bend your knees while holding the weighted bar. Come to an standing position while holding the bar. Slowly return the barbell back to the starting position on the ground. The first 3 sets of 6-8 reps should be done swiftly but steadily to avoid injury. Take a brief rest after these first 3 sets. Do one last set in a much slower way this time.

Leg Presses

An additional good exercise is leg presses. Load a leg press machine with weights. Place your feet about shoulder width apart. Drop the weight until your thighs almost touch your chest. Then thrust the weight back up in an explosive way. You don't leap in slow motion, so you don't want to exercise in slow motion. Jumping is an explosive move, so you need to do this exercise in an explosive manner. Repeat this exercise six times - and execute five sets. Take a brief pause between each set.

Medicine Ball

For our final exercise we will make use of a medicine ball instead of a basketball. Make believe you are going to slam dunk, but don't actually throw the ball! Embellish the movements and reach for the rim. This will help build up all the muscles you will be using when you slam dunk for real. As with the leg presses, make certain to be explosive when you perform this exercise.

These three exercises are only three of many that can help increase your vertical leap. Begin with these and when you can do them well, you can advance to other exercises. Make certain you do them properly, though.

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