3 Amazingly Sensible Uses For The Revolving Whiteboard

By: Richard Bull

There's just no doubt about it but that computer technology and the Internet in particular have gotten us away from so many of the methods that we used to use to communicate. Need to get a message through to someone? Just send them an e-mail, and it can even includes a video you pulled off the net if you feel like it. Need to advertise? Once again there's any number of ways you can do this on the Internet. Ways for you to get your message through to thousands, and even "millions of people" if you really wanted to. But what about some of the classic methods for communication like the revolving whiteboard? Have they been rendered obsolete by the Internet or are there still areas in our lives where this admittedly low tech mechanical communications device actually has a place?
The simple answer to that, is "you bet there is", and in fact there are a lot of them, so keep on reading because perhaps one of them is a place where you can use it.
#1-Now for sure the revolving whiteboard can be the perfect advertising tool in restaurants, for things like daily specials, etc. Now the reason here is that unlike the standard one sided non-revolving whiteboard that you can see in common use in restaurants, the "revolving" board has "two sides". So specials can be written up using a felt marker on one side for lunch, and then an entirely different set of specials for dinner can be written up on the back for dinner. Simply flip it over to change them, so there's no need for spending time to erase and rewrite them again, and again, day after day or crowd them all onto one board.
#2-But for educators the blackboard that is still in use has always had its fair share of problems. For one thing chalk is "white over the blackboard" just the opposite of how it should be if it was going to be a truly efficient "attention grabber". On the other hand, a whiteboard with black marker which is what the revolving whiteboard with black felt marker is. Then secondly anyone who's worked in education knows that it gets messy, can be too large at times, as difficult clean off. The revolving whiteboard on the other hand is none of those though. To clear it "simply revolve it" and have a completely new surface on the back. It's a quick cleanup. Far less dusty and messy too.
#3-Then for sure there's loads of uses for this handy time-honored classic communication tool in places like businesses and public meeting forums like town halls, organization headquarters, fire departments, police stations, jails, etc. For businesses that have double shift for sure there's uses for a double-sided revolving white board. Information and messages for one shift can be put on one side, and then when the next shift comes on, if there's other information specifically for them, It can go on the other side. Then for presentations at businesses and meeting halls that involve large amounts of information to be related to the audience, the revolving white board with two people operating it can be a highly effective communications tool. One person sits on a chair behind it, clearing the board scrawling and writing out new information as it revolves while the person doing the presenting stands in front. It's a straightforward, low-tech "attention grabbing", highly effective and decidedly affordable way of getting your message through.

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