3 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes Avoid At All Costs

By: Davion W

Affiliate marketing can be highly profitable if you do it correctly. The trouble is, many affiliates make certain affiliate marketing mistakes that spoil their entire income plan. Many give up quickly and simply blame internet marketing as an impossible income opportunity to succeed in if you are just a one-man operation. The truth cannot be further than that really. We will look at 3 most fatal mistakes most affiliates make and how to avoid them so that your profits are protected and would experience increase.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 1 Choosing to Promote Hotties

What are hotties? You see them everyday in your emails from other affiliate marketers. Many would promote the latest product without looking at whether it is really good. All they know is that since the guru next door is doing so, I will also promote the product. After all, it is hot.

This is where the booby trap is. If you are not an established and famous affiliate marketer with a list of 100,000 members, how can you convince them to buy from you when your guru next door is also pitching the same thing? Worse still, some of the sales pitches you receive in the inbox carry the same title and email content and the affiliates do not even bother to change them.

Rather than hopping on all these bandwagons, work out a suitable promotion plan that is closely tied to your niche. Choose a product that you really know about and have enough in-depth information about it. This will make it easier and more natural for you to come across as a reliable reviewer. People are more convinced to buy from you then.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 2 Promoting Too Many Affiliate Products

Everyday, affiliate products come and go. Every product owner will make that product sound like it is the best you can ever find and how it is going to dominate the internet marketing scene for years to come. The truth is, programs come and go and you just have to accept that almost all except a few really outstanding ones are here to stay.

So do not bite off what you can chew. You only have 24 hours a day, and cannot be promoting every single product or program you come across. Focus on one good product, monetize your website with that and build your traffic until it hits its optimal level or at least until the point where sales and traffic stabilize on autopilot.

The rule of the game is to promote a product that pays you at least 50% commissions and Clickbank is one good place to look at.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 3 Ignorant About The Product Promoted

Some affiliates would disagree with me on this but I will still say it anyway. The best product recommendations can be written only when you are an existing user of a product or service. This is how your prospects can truly sense the real voice behind each recommendation or email broadcast they receive.

Give them a detailed review of the pros and cons and what you like about the service or product. This would give you an edge over your competitors. Consider reinvesting your profits monthly back into purchasing and reading different ebooks. In the process, you can pick up some new and powerful techniques while at the same time, be able to prepare a really thorough product recommendation. If you have a list, your subscribers would appreciate your honesty and efforts.

Avoid these top 3 common affiliate marketing mistakes and you are well on your way to becoming a top-notch affiliate. Discover more secrets affiliates are using to put their affiliate income on supercharged mode in my free report.

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