21Ten Review, Is 21Ten A Real, Solid Business Opportunity?

By: Jim Hageman

21Ten is a new entry into the explosive health and wellness marketplace. However is it a business you ought to seriously check out and get excited about? I am writing this 21Ten review to give you some key things to consider before you make your mind up. By the way, I am not a part of the company so this is genuinely an unbiased 21Ten review.

21Ten Revealed

The company was introduced as a new division of Oxyfresh at a company happening held in February, 2010 in Las Vegas. Its main product is a powdered nutritional drink that is touted to promote anti-aging, an increase in natural energy, mood enhancement, and immune system support.

The Management

One of the key things to consider when checking out any venture is the quality and experience of its top management. Does the company's management team boast the vision and background needed to guide its long-term success?

The driving force behind 21Ten is Richard Brooke, CEO, who boasts of the company's 100 year business plan. As stated on the company's website, Richard started in the MLM business back in 1977. He co-founded and has been the president of Oxyfresh since 1986, a company that successfully provides nutritional, hygiene, pet and dental products.

In addition, Mark Yarnell and Michael Clouse are listed as members of the company's advisory board. Mark is a well known author, speaker, trainer and without doubt an MLM success. Michael is well known for his commanding stage presence and network marketing experience.

The Product

21Ten markets a unique nutritional powder stick that when combined with water delivers benefits that include anti-aging, natural energy, mood enhancement and immune system building. These sticks are a blend of super fruits, fruits, vitamins, and swift absorption components.

An attention-grabbing twist is that included with your nutritional order you get a personal development podcast download card. Brand new content is to be added monthly and will include three tracks: Pure Inspiration and Motivation, Latest Health Craze, and the Inside Scoop on their sticks and organization. This is certainly an out of the ordinary way of providing training content.

The Market

They enter what is projected to be the next trillion dollar industry, the health and wellness arena. This is a market that has increasing competition, including quite a few top notch companies, and sees new entries added regularly. So what would make 21Ten standout above the rest?

The Opportunity

The 21Ten compensation is comprised of a unlevel multi-level marketing plan. It offers fast start bonuses to help active new distributors get into profit. Successful distributors share in a production pool and travel and training pool.

This venture is in prelaunch, at the time of this review, and is planning a soft launch event in Las Vegas in May. Enrollment, as a distributor, is free through June 1st, 2010. After that time distributor kits will cost fifty dollars.

In summary, 21Ten enters a growing, yet highly competitive, industry targeting people throughout the world who are aging and health conscious. They are owned by Oxyfresh, a successful business who has been operating for over 25 years. They provide a nutritional product and stable management with a long-term vision in place.

The next thing you must do is ask yourself the following questions. Is this an opportunity you can be excited about? Do you know how you are going to find prospects for this venture? Are you ready to learn what you must do to be successful?

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