2013 Top Ten PS3 exclusive masterpiece - are you satisfied

By: Hayden

Even if you are indifferent in the game industry, you must know that last month Sony has released the PS4, as well as some related games. But all these do not mean that PS3 fail, in fact, that moment still is very far away from us. Here are the games will be only released or has been released in PS3.
1. "The Last of Us"
"The Last of Us" developed by Naughty Dog may be the most anticipated game by players in 2013 (PlayStation). "The Last of Us" brings the player into a doomsday world where fungi killed millions of people and were spreading everywhere. The players play a survivor called Joel in game, to protect the little girl Elle in this cruel world. The game will be present with the third perspective, and the little girl Elle was manipulated by AI.
2. "GT6"
Before "GT6" has not yet been announced for the PS3 exclusive game, someone has now affirmed that it must be born to host. A Sony executive said in an interview inadvertently confirmed the PS3 exclusive "GT6" will be available for sale in 2013. Sony does not deny this assertion now.
3. "God Of War Ascension"
Sony Santa Monica team developed the "God of War: Ascension" will be on sale this week. It is a multiplayer online "God Of War" works, is also the prequel of "God of War" series. Be together to experience an outbreak of anger of Kratos!
4. "Ni no Kuni"
After waiting for more than a year, "tNi no Kuni" finally was met with players in the North American and Europe at the beginning of the year. This is a Japanese-style role-playing game worth all PS3 players having. "Ni no Kuni" is developed by Level-5 and Studio Ghibli together absolutely doesn't make you disappointment.
5. "Dust 514"
"Dust 514 is a freestyle first-person shooter game setting the universe in "EVE Online" as the background, the events in the game are connected and influenced each other.
6. "Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness"
This is a PS2 exclusive game "Disgaea Dimension: A Brighter Darkness" direct sequel. All classic game elements players are beloved will appear in this game - operations strategy in game, high degree of self-qualitative and humorous game character. Players in the game will witness role Laharl, Etna and Flonne to return to stage.
7 "Rain"
Until now, there is no more information about the "Rain", of course, just its noticeable surrealist trailer was enough to make players like it. Sony Japan Studios is developing "Rain". Players will manipulate a stealth boy only be seen in the rain. It is reported that "Rain" will be released on the PSN.
8. "Puppetteer"
The "Puppetteer" horizontal scrolling game is being developed by Sony Japan Studio. The background is a magic puppet theater, where the player controlled a boy became into the puppet losing his head due to the devil. Players can replace the puppet's head in order to obtain different skills in "Puppetteer", so as to deal with various problems in the journey.
9. "Beyond: Two Souls"
David Cage who has produced "Indigo Prophecy" and "Heavy Rain" this time brings "Beyond: Two Souls" for the players. "Beyond: Two Souls" is like "The Last of Us", is definitely one of the games are most expected in 2013. David Cage again brings an extraordinary gaming experience to players.
In the game, you will play Judy Holmes - another role Allen Patch gave his life, and Alan has a soul called Aidan accompanied with her. For details, please wait for the "Beyond: Two Souls" releasing.
10. "The Witch and the Hundred Knights"
"The Witch and the Hundred Knights" is the first action role-playing game made by Nippon Ichi Software. It has been on sale in Japan. We are still looking forward to its launch in North America. Interestingly, in the game, players can choose to play a hero or a villain, and the same perspective with the game "Diablo", players can command another 99 roles for their assistance in the fight.

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