2012 Horoscope and Calendar - What says your Sun Signs in this Calendar Year

By: chaman goyal

Year 2013 calendar is already out, although it doesn't show any holidays as of now specifically for India. But if we talk about the world calendar 2013, the holidays and festivities of each region has been accounted in the calendar. The year 2012 is said to be the end of this era, and this faith is not only shared by just Indian communities but by almost all other communities of the world.

End of era doesn't indicate end of human civilization, and therefore, calendars are being made for next year. It is however possible, that the context and perspectives of viewing those occasions may change for every individual. It will be interesting to see that whatever we have been predicting and calculating, if it comes out to be true, what would be the effects. And what will be the consequences of those effects which will last for centuries.

2012 horoscope predicts goodness for almost all the zodiac signs. Although it might sound in contradiction to the fact that the era is about to be over. And if this fact is true, there must be some occurrences and consequences to affect human beings. The word "end" doesn't seem to be very optimistic, and so if the effects can be concluded to be harsh on people. In so case the predictions of 2012 horoscope about hopes and happiness for everyone rather seems to be contradicting.
Year 2012 has been predicted to be cataclysmically havoc causing year. It is not a prediction of today, but of the long past by several great civilizations like Mayan. Therefore the New Year 2012 was celebrated all over the world, keeping this fact in mind.

Today people are quite science driven and believe mostly on rationally explainable facts. But when such indigestible facts overwhelm the society people like to enjoy and have fun out of it. Similar was the situation in the New Year 2012. Everyone wanted to be in a trance state and enjoy the end. This fact exhibited the spirit of human beings.

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