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By: chaman goyal

2012 horoscope astrologically and in the quantum calculations show 2012 to be a magic number, about to unfold several major astrological cycles already begun in 2011. The main juggernaut is the infamous carnal cross which involves the square of Uranus a planet of chaos with Pluto, lord of destruction and transformation helping it. With several passes towards 2012 we will know large swaths of our current reality giving away to a new global paradigm.
Great associations, universities, industries, financial institutions will find themselves cracking under the weight of their own hypocrisies and inefficiencies. June 24 and September 19 are major dates for the occurrences of any such events, affecting globally.

According to the 2012 calendar there are about 82 big days eligible for a holiday. The 2012 calendar says Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, the millennium stars of Bethlehem will come closer this year. Neptune will render strong effect on all lives on earth. The effect is considered positive by all astrologers and renders energy and positivity for everyone. However the apprehensions of destruction of world this year are supported by the various astrological theories, which theorise three major happenings.

The three main destructive events suspected by astronomers and astrologers include the shift in poles, which will tear apart the world before the year end. Geomagnetic reversals are considered to be another reason for the upheavals. The third and the effect considered to create great mayhems of all times is said to be the solar flares which have the power to burn the earth’s surface completely. These flares can take earth 5 million years back in time, and leave it just like it was at the start.

Love horoscope this year is supposedly to bring tranquillity to most of the sun signs. People are suggested to learn from their mistakes and move on. Do not let your past experiences affect your present life. Most of the sun signs will get what they are looking for in their lives in terms of relationships. Only thing needed is their volunteer in order to understand and dare to talk of their desires.

Sciences of Acrophonology and astrology are combined to create numerology. Acrophonology is an ancient mystic Hebrew science. Astrology as well is an ancient Hebrew science. Numerology has been predicting lives and happening in them, and so it does for each of us this year.

Birthday horoscopes based on your numerology and astrology separately predicts your day and coming year happenings. Your sun sign, positioning of stars, the stars that are affecting your sun sign as well as its overall effect on earth helps one predict the details.Astrology and numerology only predicts what is to happen, but what really has to happen has to be done by you. Unless you set your foot on work, those predictions are as good as a mirage.

If these predictions help you become positive and happy in life, its good. In any other case, one should remember that life doesn’t stop even if the predictions do.

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