2009 NFL Lines

By: Charile Jones

Training camps are beginning. Helmets are being polished; jerseys are as crisp as they will be all season long. Pre-season is approaching fast on the horizon. The majority of the league’s individual rosters are healthy, and we cross our fingers that our favorite players will give us sixteen dynamite games – and perhaps more if our teams play well enough to slide into the playoffs. So what’s on your mind? 2009 NFL lines.

With football season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about where you will go for all your up-to-the-gun 2009 NFL lines. Sure, there may be hundreds of online betting sites to choose from, but no other site can promise better 2009 NFL lines than www.sportbet.com.

Face it, you’ve got your favorite team. You are the master of your TV come Sundays, and that channel is locked on your game. You fire up the surround sound, and you remove any distractions, like the kids or the wife (unless of course they are hard core fans like yourself). Your buddies have been over since the pre-game show, and you’ve got a lip smacking spread of food and cold beer chilling in the fridge. What more could you ask for?

How about a little action?
Of course you want a little action. There are thirteen or fourteen other NFL games on any given autumn weekend. That makes for 256 match-ups during the course of the regular season. There is a ton of wagering to be made and great 2009 NFL lines at www.sportbet.com. You’re hungry for it, you’re itching for it, and football season is almost here. Throughout the season, there is no other destination that can promise better 2009 NFL lines than www.sportbet.com.

Can’t wait for the regular season to begin? Head to www.sportbet.com for some preseason action, where you will find 2009 NFL lines for exhibition games as well as NFL preseason picks for all four weeks. Finally, a reason to watch NFL preseason --because let’s be realistic, those August games are only watchable when there is a little money on the table.

And if by some stroke of bad fortune your team does not enter the playoffs, you’ll still watch the games every Sunday because you are a diehard football fan. When you want to add a little spice to those Sundays, you know where to turn for all of your 2009 NFL lines: www.sportbet.com.

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Charlie Jones has been monitoring the online sportsbook industry since 1997. Over the past 10+ years, he has played at, and written reviews of many different online gaming & 2009 NFL Lines websites. Charlie also blogs about winning strategies that he uses to actually make money when he makes sports bets online.

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