2009 China's auto electronics development has deduced speedily

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2008 China's auto electronics commerce has evolved quickly, but the worsening external natural environment and numerous other harmful components make the prospects for 2009 commerce origin for concern. In alignment to grab more apparently the economic urgent position in 2009 against the backdrop of the development of China's electronics commerce context, this item proceed to well-known study organisations, analysts, and readers to share their expert automotive electronics commerce investigation and outlook.
The method of household automotive electronics commerce will extend to make deeper the urgent position
CCID Consulting, chief director of automotive and semiconductor enterprise Chong Li
In fresh years, China's automotive development in augmentation to advanced goods produced, the commuter motor vehicles notably tempo up the step of wares upgrades, and in this around of wares upgrades, the in the household automotive using electronics more and more become one of the most noteworthy sign. The second half of 2008, the worldwide fiscal critical purpose, China's auto goods produced development has not been extensively looked frontwards to before the advance of the 10 million grade, in the face of probable highly-developed turmoil will carry on, concurrently with the arising of "tax reform" request, 2009 China's auto development will deduce in the main purpose to what? The Chinese automotive electronics market, which will be affected?
From the present pattern, the development of China's automobile commerce may be a minor slowdown in the stride, but the economic urgent position triggered by turmoil on the automotive electronics commerce and will not have much market influence, on the opposing, it furthermore may lead vehicle electronics market went into a new era.
First of all, in today's economic situation, the automotive products market is bound to become increasingly fierce competition, automotive manufacturers in addition to price cuts, the increased allocation is the most effective means of competition, and increased allocation process, the rate of motor vehicle electronic equipment will be improved significantly. Automotive market in 2008 from the point of view, this "does not increase the amount of" - or even "increase the volume and price" means the competition has been extensive use of the many car manufacturers, and with the increasingly serious forms of market competition, more generous "increase the volume of" imperative.
Secondly, if the assemblage of "fuel tax", little vehicles will become the new darling of the market, while little vehicles for the upgrading of the automotive commerce will become the next aim of development. In alignment to rendezvous buyer demand, numerous in high-end electrical devices goods in automobiles will be transplanted to little vehicles, the future of little displacement vehicles will be entire in the buyer electronics display in front of configurations.
Third, the "fuel tax" assemblage makes hybrid vehicle market has one time afresh aroused much attention. Over the years, encompassing Chery, BYD, for example localized emblems, encompassing numerous vehicle manufacturers in the hybrid vehicle has finished many of work, the merchandise matures and charges down turn, hybrid market in 2008 is anticipated to start prescribed scale. In hybrids, the automotive electronics goods usually share the cost of more than 40%, some even to more than 60% hybrid market over the next couple of years will no question become China's automotive electronics market new impetus to the development.
To summation up, the squall in the development, from vehicle goods produced, the part of automotive electronics yield in the market scope for expansion will be reduced tempo down, but from another purpose of scenery, this development turmoil has the capability to become automotive electronics market into a new phase.
Car navigation products unlimited prospects for the development of broad
IMS Research analyst Liu ling qing
If you are afraid about China's automobile market, you will find that motor vehicle navigation procedures now have not only high-end motor vehicles in the high-allocation model. A item of the charge from 150,000 to 200,000 RMB is in addition about family motor vehicles stacked with navigation procedure started variety of the navigation. In augmentation, as many of broadcasting advertising as well as the navigation procedure hardware and programs become more exact, "driving with navigation" fundamental thought is more and more being agreed to by the enormous number of consumers.
Detailed analysis of China's car audio, car DVD car navigation system and the status quo and market characteristics, IMSResearch on the future development of these products to make the forecast, and that the vehicle navigation system is the development of these three products the most fast-moving field.
As a outcome of pre-installed in-vehicle navigation schemes, as well as 1.6 ~ 2.5L displacement 2.5L forms laden in the increasing percentage is anticipated to pre-installed in China in 2015 the sales of vehicle navigation schemes will exceed 2.3 billion U.S. dollars. For the time being, China's pre-installed vehicle navigation schemes market is still mostly monopolized by foreign brands. Not only the fast development of the market pre-installed, established after the vehicle navigation goods are anticipated to escort in a time span of fast growth. Different from the pre-installed vehicle navigation schemes market was the monopoly of foreign monsters, China's own emblems in the post-mounted vehicle navigation merchandise market lives at a substantial share of the market. More agent of their own emblems encompass cooperative, for example day bivouac and Huayangosaurus. Because of the somewhat more comparable cost benefit and somewhat flawless sales mesh of support, after China's own emblem goods, vehicle navigation gear development impetus has been absolutely overshadowed by several well-known foreign brands. However, due to portable navigation schemes and navigation of the powerful influence of wireless telephones, the Chinese vehicle navigation schemes established after the market affray will be more fierce.

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