2008 Election Proving Once Again the USA is the Greatest Nation in the Entire Universe

By: Jack Deal

At least on this planet, the USA is considered the leading democratic nation and by many scorecards the hands down numero uno country in the world. What the rest of the world is finally beginning to understand is that we in the U.S. have worked incessantly to improve and hone our political system until it is the envy of the world and the pride of every hearth and barbecue pit in our great land. Almost. A great example of how we are envied is our current 2008 election campaign.

On the Democratic side we have the Clintons, Obama (aka Osama) and Proletarian John. What a country! What a cast! Lately the Clintons have been sliding as Osama takes advantage of name recognition and voter confusion. Fully three quarters of Americans recognize the name Osama though less than half can remember in what context. The Rev. Jesse Jackson also helped Obama by stating that Obama was not black enough giving Osama supporters hope that he could actually win. The Lord most definitely works in mysterious ways...

As Obama attacks, the Clintons defend and deflect and take courage from Bill's strong stand on his principles: "I did it because I could." Not even Hillary could argue with that sharp strategy. Talk about mental horsepower...remember that in a poker game you always want Bill on your side.

Meanwhile Comrade Edwards starts to rot as only even 15% of the Demos still believe he is a proletarian. Dennis Kucinich, the sentimental favorite, is gaining ground as voters admire his determination at finding a date any which way he can. (Ever been to Tijuana, cowboy?) Senators Joseph Biden of Delaware and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson will maintain a longstanding Democratic tradition as being by far the most qualified Democratic candidates yet having no chance whatsoever at the nomination.

To sum things up, we have a cat fight on our hands. Or at least half a cat fight. As the party faithful begin to wonder can Hillary stop the gaffes and can Bill stop butting in and can the Clintons in fact win, many are looking at who else could go up against Rudy and Mitt. Mark these words: watch out for a late surge by Dennis Kucinich. You heard it first from me.

On the other side, it's Rudy and Mitt and sometimes John. Yet these guys are much more sociable, likable and less belligerent than their counterparts. Part of this trio's confidence derives from the fact they've got tons of dirt on the Clintons and it will be a mud fest. It looks like John just didn't quite put it all together and it will be Rudy and Mitt or Mitt and Rudy.

About a year out the polls are showing a dead heat between front runners The Clintons and Rudy. Most Republicans wonder why they are so close and most Demos are starting to squirm a la 2000 and 2004.

If enough progressives bolt from The Clintons and the ultra right rally around a pro-choice candidate, Rudy stands a good chance. Out here in California we would call Rudy an Arnold Republican. At this point there are no serious Independents although Ralph Nader may jump in if he feels The Clintons can win.

OK I hear you shouting and demanding to know where I stand and I'm going to tell you simply because I can. I have been a lifelong registered Democrat. I have not always voted Democrat and even voted once for Ross Perot. I can't remember ever having voted a straight ticket.

Right now I'm undecided between Obama, Mitt and Kucinich. I have to give the edge to Obama as anyone that is a friend of Oprah's is way overqualified for the job anyway.

On the Republican side I'm going with Mormon Mitt. I like the way Mitt laughs at religion but says his faith is his guiding light. It takes a real astute politician to pull that one off.

The truth of the matter is both sides have several very qualified candidates. Whether these godsends get the nomination or not is another matter. For my party, petty internal politics and bad judgment lost the past two elections. That and Al not calling for a statewide recall. And John saying he voted for the war but really didn't...

But hey, the truth really doesn't matter. All these cultural wars and election angsts are irrelevant. The USA is going to do what it damn well pleases because it is a free country despite who it elects!

What is strange is the statement above is humorous and silly when taken in context. Taken out of context in a country like Cuba, or Venezuela or Iran, that simple statement could land me in jail. Or worse.

So let's laugh and have a good time and carry on but lest we forget, we get what we deserve and we deserve what we elect here in the greatest nation in the universe.

I wonder if our man Kucinich would stand up to Emperor Hugo Chavez or would he surrender in the first minute?

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Jack D. Deal always votes despite it all and is the owner of Deal Business Consulting. Related articlesmay be found at www.jddeal.com and www.freeandinquiringmind.typepad.com

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