200% Increase for Conversion Rates with 3 Simple Concepts

By: Matthew Strout

There are some very important skills and techniques to marketing online. You really must learn these techniques. It is unfortunate that most of the training offered is very general in nature. It is easier for us to do our best when we have some individual help with someone who is experienced.

First of all if you have been working on the Internet for any length of time, I have to assume that you have had the importance of buying Mike Dillards Magnetic Sponsoring expressed to you. Taking the time to understand the core principals of Attraction Marketing is just an absolute must if you are really serious about making your living online.

If you're using your company's replicated site...that must stop! Sure they will help some but in the long run they will hurt more than they help. That's because the company replicated site makes you no different from anyone else in that business. This increases the chances of someone passing you up for someone else. But on the other hand, if people are seeing your face and hearing your voice and wanting to know more from you, that is where trust and loyalty keep your business growing. In other words, you are what is unique in the marketing world.

The next step to have in place is to know what you are going to use as a Traffic Source. Some of the more popular places people gather are Facebook, Youtube, MySpace or with a little prictice writing Articles or using listbuilding tools.

Know what it is that your market is having a problem with. I can't understate how improtant it is to know what problem your market needs solving. Be sure and make the time to connect with those you are helping by talking to them. Take the time to understand them. Be personalble and caring with those you talk to and help them express what their real difficuties are. What is it about building a business from home that just drive them NUTS.

It is only by understanding how they feel along with knowing what they are doing wrong that you can help them fix it.

Ok, now once you understand the problem that your market is having...guess what they don't want to hear...

" You Should Join My Company" or " You should be a part of my team"

Some of these may address some of their problem but... They give no direction. Most of the problems out there are specific problems, and the need specific answers. This is a mistake that I see a lot of people make even though they have great intentions. If you try come up with one solution for everyone, you are very likely going to wind up being a solution for NO ONE.

Specific direction and specific action is what they are looking for, make sure and deliver it.

I would have never understood these things myself had I not sought out and found a team of people that could help me see what was needed. That has all changed. It is all about who you know and what they can teach you that makes this all come together and turn a profit.

Imagine having a 40% to 50% conversion rates into a system that has 12 different ways to make money from affiliates. It's pretty sweet.

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Having a killer conversion rate is only half the battle when working to achieve online mlm success. Having a system that shows you how to get 20 to 50 leads a day is the real key to making this worth while. Good Luck in your business.

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