14 Tips to Make Your Baby Love Vegetables

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14 Tips to Make Your Baby Love Vegetables

Are you still worried about that your baby doesn’t like eating vegetables? Here are some tips for you to change the situation.

1. Add the supplementary food in the sensitive taste period. From 4 months old, we should supplement some vegetables to baby. For example, press some vegetables and fruit juice for baby and mash some vegetables and fruits so that the baby can eat it. It’s a good way to add some minced vegetables to the noodles, rice, porridge which would effectively prevent baby from Choosy food.

2. Make the vegetables colorful. When it comes to vegetables, maybe your mind is emerging a monochrome palette: broccoli, spinach. All are green. In fact, vegetables are colorful: red, yellow, purple and so on. Different vegetables with varied colors can supply different vitamins and minerals. You can cook carrot, sliced lean meat and green pepper together which will make the plate colorful and improve baby’s appetite.

3. Hide the vegetables into the food. Quite a few people like to eat food with filling. Try to cook food with vegetables and meat filling. The taste of vegetables’ will become tasteless and baby will be apt accept this.

4. Don’t force babies to eat the vegetables they dislike. The best way to prevent baby from disliking vegetables is making them taste different taste vegetables to form a good diet habit. You needn’t force them to eat some spicy and bitter vegetables so as to avoid having bad effect on baby.

5. Tell baby the benefits of eating vegetables. Take opportunity to tell your baby what’s the benefit of eating vegetables and what bad results will cause if he doesn’t eat the vegetables. You can by telling some stories to make him know that more vegetables will make him stronger and far away from diseases.

6. Cultivate the interest of liking vegetables. Quite a few mothers often make promise easily to have the babies eat vegetables which will make the babies think that eating vegetables is a difficult job. The proper measure is cultivating baby’s interest of vegetables. Children's Psychological experts point out that kids in the countryside rarely dislike vegetables which relate to their interest of vegetables. Mommy can develop baby’s interest of vegetables by washing vegetables with them together.

7. Cook in a way suit for baby’s taste. An important process to make baby love vegetables is change your cooking method. Some fried vegetables taste not well, then you can cook in another way. For example, if your baby like eating meat, then you can stew the meat with some vegetables together such as potatoes, carrots, mushrooms. By such way, the vegetables will taste good.

8. Try new taste. Some Nutritionists point out that most people dislike vegetables because they get tired of the vegetables they often eat. Nutritionist Robert introduced his own experience: “ As long as you try to eat the vegetables you never taste, maybe you will like them, even become addicted.” Therefore, pick up some vegetables you rarely eat. Baby also likes something new.

9. Cook the vegetables into healthy salad. Don’t always give your children fried vegetables. Add some condiment such as ginger, soy, vinegar to the vegetables. Change the taste. Sometimes a health salad will more attractive than the never changed fried vegetables.
10. Dress beautifully for the vegetables. Baby usually likes food with beautiful appearance. So mommy should try to make the vegetables look beautifully in shape and color. For example, mix the colorful vegetables together and shape them lovely.
11. Ask baby’s best friends’ to help. Invite baby’s favorite friends or relatives to dinner and cook some vegetables your baby dislike especially. Maybe your baby will try to eat them under their effect.

12. Guide your baby by funny stories. Most babies like many animals such as rabbit, pig, squirrel very much. So mommy can tell stories about these animals and encourage them to eat some vegetables these animals like including carrot, cabbage and mushroom.
13. Replace their dislike vegetables with the similar kind. Though some parents try many ways, there are still vegetables baby can’t accept. In this case, mommy can cook some other vegetable with equal nutrition instead to ensure nutrition balance.
14. Model for your baby. Give your baby an impression that you are eating vegetables with relish. Never discuss what vegetables you dislike or what vegetables taste bad before your baby.

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