14 Easy Care Tips to Keep Your Gold and Diamond Jewellery Shining Forever

By: Neeta Salgot

You can take care of your jewellery in the following simple 12 ways. We hope you enjoy these tips for the care and cleaning of your jewellery items.

1. Firstly, always buy the best quality that you can afford - some jewellery may seem to be a bargain, but on inspection may be poorly made or the content is inferior

2. Always protect your jewellery from sharp blows, scratching, chemicals, sunlight and heat/cold. Ideally, store your jewellery in a soft lined box or pouch. Try to keep pieces apart, so that they don't rub together or tangle up.

3. Wear jewellery for appropriate tasks; avoid wearing rings when cleaning, gardening or performing sports activities.

4. Don't let your jewellery come into contact with nail polish removers, perfume and hairspray.

5. Clean your jewellery regularly, use a professional jewellery cleaning product (always read the manufacturers instructions)

6. When washing your hands (away from home) - don't place your rings on the wash basin - remove them and place them onto your necklace or place in a pouch in your handbag/purse.

7. Never go swimming in your jewellery; chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage.

8. Regularly inspect your diamond jewelry to spot a loose stone or bent prong before it's "too late." It's a good idea to have your diamond jewellery examined and cleaned at least once a year by a professional jeweller.

9. Avoid wearing heavy earrings if your earlobes are slit. Either gets them stitched from a good physician or temporarily use stick on lifters to protect ear from being further damaged.

10. If you have beaded necklaces such as gemstone, or pearls, store them flat, preferably in a silk pouch. If the string breaks, let a professional jeweller set them for you. If you are considering buying expensive beaded jewellery look for beads are a knotted between each-bead, so that if the string breaks you wont loose so many beads.

11. Pearls are precious jewels, should be treated as such. Always apply cosmetics, hair sprays and perfume before putting on pearl jewellery. Upon removal of the jewellery wipe it carefully with a soft cloth to remove any traces of these substances.

12. You can wash your pearl jewellery with mild soap and water or you can use a mild commercial solution. Do not clean pearls with chemicals, abrasives or solvents. These substances can damage your pearls. Place diamond jewellery and pearl jewellery in a cloth pouch or wrap them in tissue when putting them away. Cosmetics,perfumes, oils and ordinary wear weaken and stretch the strings on which pearls are strung.

13. Bring your pearls back to your jeweler for restringing at least once a year. Pearls are traditionally strung with a knot between each pearl, which helps to prevent loss of pearls if the string should break.

14. There are different coloured gemstones. Some require specific care and cleaning procedure. After wearing, wipe your gemstones thoroughly with a clean soft, slightly damp cloth. This will enhance the gemstone’s lusters and ensure that your jewellery is clean before storing them individually in soft pouches. Do not expose your precious gemstone pieces to salt water or harsh chemicals. These chemicals may slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones. Hairsprays and perfumes cause jewellery to become dull.

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