12 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a Network Marketing Business

By: punu

How are you evaluating your Network Marketing Business Opportunities to determine which ones are a legitimate business versus a "scam"? There are literally thousands of home based businesses in America.

How can a wise person make the right selection?

Have you experienced or heard others say… "I have tried a home based business (or network marketing business) and it did not work"?

Why did it not work??? Unfortunately most people do not apply sound principles in the selection of a business—and most who want a better life by operating their own business have little or no business experience.

Are you one of the mass looking for that Life Changing Opportunity?

Are you looking for the legitimate home business that will let you make money on the internet?

So how should a wise person evaluate and select the right
Network Marketing Business?


1) What is the number one expanding market industry in American today, and is that business promoting its product/service to that industry?

It is not the oil industry, the auto industry, real estate or manufacturing industries. Health Care is the fastest expanding market industry in America today. The reason it is health care is obvious:

People in America are so over medicated, each desirous of immediate health results.

The baby boomers (born between 1946-1964) at the leading edge are now entering their 50's, and desire a healthier, more active life as they grow older.

Every 7 seconds someone in America turns 50 and this will continue for the next 18 years.

These baby boomers consist of 1/3 of our population.

There are many start-up companies in the past 2 years with products claiming to be in the health care industry and even more mature companies trying to compete in this industry.

2) Does the product/service have efficacy and is it unique? Something I can be proud to promote or just another "copycat"?

Ask yourself, Is it a product…

That cannot be obtained in or through any other channel such as retail stores or eBay?

That is dissimilar to all others?

That provides to the consumer what they want?

That the consumer must return to the same source for each time?

Where that company can prove its iniqueness and efficacy?

3) Is it a consumable product in a convenient form?

There are pills, potions, ointments, capsules and juices.

There are prepaid legal, telephone ideas, vacations, travel, candles, cookware, advertising, and every conceivable consumer product.

One of the most convenient products and easily consumed by people of all ages is fruit in liquid form. This form is also border friendly allowing for an easier international business expansion.

4) Is the marketing system easy to use, turn-key, and duplicable?

5) What is the financial background of this network marketing business?

6) How long were they in business before becoming profitable?

7) What is the bio of the management team?

The management team must have extensive specific experience in the area they are leading.

Often the management of hospitals are medical doctors, most are devoid of management experience.

This is too often the case in traditional businesses. The management are family members, or politically selected, or the one with the greater financial influence and not in the field of personal experience.

8) What are the management teams' past and present track record and their vision for the future?

Nothing matters if the heads of the company aren't credible and aren't doing things correctly. Have they had any past business failures?

9) What is my investment and are their hidden costs?

How much additional money do I have to invest for a website, marketing materials, product, training and company support? Can I call the company toll free?

10) How will I get paid and how frequently?

The ideal business will pay out weekly for bonuses, monthly for unilevel commissions, and quarterly with profit sharing (for the qualified).

Within reason, when can I expect to make my first check and what are the average payouts?

11) Has that network marketing business ever been late paying their distributors?

12) Does their compensation plan provide for leverage?

A compensation plan must provide for leverage.

If you are the owner of a business and hire one employee you now leverage your income. But you also leverage your personnel problems. A real estate broker contracts with real estate agents and both benefit from the sale of real estate. But only the broker is leveraged.

In most traditional businesses income is based on experience, longevity, seniority, position.

With most Network Marketing Businesses income is based on leverage. You make more money as your partner's success increases, with your guidance and support. You are rewarded for your efforts to help mentor your partners.
The owner or president of their own company works the hardest as he/she has the most to gain.

Employees usually do not have the same devotion.

J. Paul Getty a billionaire said he would rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of his own. Why? Leverage!

Now look at the network marketing business you are considering and evaluate the company on the above questions. You should be able to answer every one. There are very few home business opportunities or network marketing businesses that do meet all these criteria.

Remember, currently this is the fastest growing industry and you really can make money on the internet. Just be sure to take your time making a decision. Do your homework and you could be one of the growing number of independent business owners who will find wealth, freedom, and that life changing opportunity!

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