12 Day Master Cleanser

By: Joel Chu

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The 12 day master cleanser program is actually an adaptation of Stanley Burroughs's "10 days master cleanser" program. Stanley Burroughs was a self taught naturist who came up with the master cleanser formulation to help our bodies remove toxin that is ingested together with our food. Our body actually works like an engine by taking the food that we consume and converting that to energy. In the process, all the waste products are removed as well. Normally, our body is able to cope with the normal levels of toxin that is found in our environment and food.
However, as our society become more industrialized, the level of toxicity in our environment and food that we consume increases. This places additional stress on our digestive system and as a result we start to accumulate more and more toxins inside our body. As time goes by, the built-up of toxins inside our body will affect our body immune system as well. You end up lethargic more often and getting sick more often as well. Thus, Stanley Burroughs came up with his master cleanser program that is designed to "cleanse" the body of these toxins. It is a simple formulation that uses everyday grocery items to make an elixir that is essentially a lemonade drink. One has to drink this elixir for 10 days in order to complete his cleansing program. What is different between a 12 day master cleanser program and the original program is the additional two days easing in" program.
Although there are tons of information on the internet about the master cleanser, there is hardly any information on the web that teaches you about the 12 day master cleanser program. I found out about this the hard way. It was through master cleanser veteran Katie Jones that I should wean myself of solid food first before jumping into a liquid diet. In her book "Master Cleanse Insider", she said "The change from a regular diet to that of the Master Cleanse diet is best done when you wean your stomach from a solid food diet to that of a liquid diet." And this is best done with a 12 day master cleanser program instead of the original program stipulated by Stanley Burroughs. If you want to know more about the 12 day master cleanser program and how to go about it, I seriously recommend reading her book "Master Cleanse Insider."

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