101 Uses for Your Outdoor Furniture

By: Kathy Moran

CedarStore.com features one of the largest selections of outdoor furniture of all kinds, in countless styles, materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. Besides the huge variety, each piece is incredibly versatile; and here are 101 uses for several of the most popular ones.!p>Porch or Patio Chair 1. Beginning with the obvious – sit in it.
2. Play Musical Chairs.
3. Seat guests at an outdoor wedding
4. If someone gets too drunk and rowdy at the reception, use it to fend him off, lion-tamer style.
5. Tame lions.
6. Seat audience members in your backyard theater.
7. Use them as stage props for your backyard theater.
8. If you do your fitness routine outside, use it for some of your exercises.
9. Wait up for someone to come home.
10. Set stuff on it.
11. Sit in it on your front porch on Halloween, dressed like a scarecrow, then jump up and scare the @#$&% out of trick-or-treaters.
12. If that’s too much effort, put a real scarecrow in it, just for decoration. Outdoor Patio Dining Set or Picnic Table 13. Eat all of your meals at it when the weather permits.
14. Have a roast – the kind that you eat.
15. Have a roast – the kind the celebrities have, where everyone takes turns insulting the guest of honor. (Of course, it’s all done in fun, right? Ri-ight!)
16. Pretend you’re having dinner at an exclusive – make that, very exclusive – outdoor bistro.
17. Use it as the head table at an outdoor wedding.
18. Put the gifts and card box on it at a backyard wedding.
19. Put Chinese auction items on it at a fund-raiser.
20. Host an outdoor black-tie dinner in your gazebo.
21. Have a barbecue for the entire neighborhood.
22. If you don’t want to work that hard, just have a few friends over for a cookout.
23. Hide under it.
24. Decorate it for holidays and special occasions. Accent Table 25. Set your drinks and food on it.
26. Store magazines on its shelves for when you get a moment to yourself.
27. Display your potted plants and flowers on it.
28. Use it to hold the cake at an outdoor wedding, birthday, or anniversary party.
29. Set utensils and condiments on it when you’re grilling or barbecuing.
30. Set food on it when you take it off the grill or barbecue.
31. Use it for outdoor lamps, candles, and lanterns.
32. Put it on your front porch to hold your pumpkin on Halloween.
33. Set a small Christmas tree on it.
34. Use it as a mini dining table when there’s no room left at the main table at a crowded party.
35. Use it as a seat when there are no chairs left at the party. Rocker 36. Rock.
37. Think.
38. Come up with new inventions (studies show that rocking helps the creative process!).
39. Rock a baby to sleep.
40. Rock yourself to sleep.
41. Watch TV.
42. When you want a snack, but don’t feel like getting up, rock a little faster and make it a vehicle (you’ll be surprised how far you can get!). Porch Swing 43. Swing.
44. Pretend you’re on an amusement park ride.
45. When you want to have a meaningful conversation with someone, sit here, because studies show that people tend to be more open when they’re on a porch swing (although no one knows why).
46. When you want to pry information out of someone, sit here, for the reason stated above.
47. Ponder your existence. Hammock 48. Sleep.
49. Swing.
50. Dream.
51. Read.
52. Rest.
53. Look at the clouds and find animal shapes – or any other shapes.
54. Watch airplanes fly over and try to guess where they’re headed.
55. Goof off without guilt; for some reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to goof off, as long as you’re in a hammock. Hammock Chair 56. Hang out.
57. Use yourself as a wrecking ball to knock over someone’s house of cards, then pretend it was an accident.
58. Knock the person over and say it was an accident.
59. Act like a pendulum.
60. Pretend you can’t get out of it, so, if someone asks you to run and get them something, you can get out of it.
61. Use it as a weight loss aid by setting your bowl of chips several feet away; not only will you burn more calories as you swing harder to reach them, but you’ll eat fewer of them as well.
62. Use the hammock chairs that hang from a trailer hitch stand to tailgate before a game or concert.
63. When tailgating as in the above case, use yourself as a wrecking ball to knock over fans of the opposite team; but remember that this is a lot more dangerous if you’re on their turf.
64. Hitch a ride (literally) with someone who doesn’t have enough room for you inside their vehicle. Glider 65. Glide.
66. At a family gathering, take the obligatory let’s-see-how-many-people-we-can-squeeze-onto-the-glider picture.
67. Relax after a hard day.
68. Relax after an easy day.
69. Relax during any kind of day.
70. If you’re already relaxed, sit in it anyway, to prolong the feeling.
71. Drive your seatmates crazy by constantly stopping the glider.
72. Take a nap. Folding Chair 73. Take a seat – wherever you go.
74. Take it to a parade (folding chairs love a parade).
75. Bring it with you when you go camping.
76. Use it at the beach.
77. Take it to a friend’s party, so you’ll always have a seat, no matter how crowded it gets.
78. Take it to an outdoor concert and you won’t feel so bad about only being able to afford lawn seats.
79. Use it to save a parking space in front of your house.
80. In a pinch, use it as a folding TV table. Chaise Lounge or Sunbed 81. Lounge in the shade of a tree.
82. Relax by the pool.
83. Work on your tan.
84. Watch the sun rise.
85. Watch the sun set.
86. Look for shooting stars. Outdoor Sofa, Loveseat, or Garden Bench 87. Sleep outside on a warm night.
88. Sleep outside when you’re fighting with someone inside.
89. Use it as the central piece for an outdoor furniture group.
90. Use it to furnish your gazebo.
92. Close in on someone.
93. Put it along your garden walkway, for a scenic place to rest. Ottoman 94. Rest your feet.
95. Use it as a seat when no chairs are available.
96. Set your food and drinks on it when no table is available. Kids’ Picnic Table 97. What else? Use it to keep kids away from the adult table!
98. Use it to furnish a playhouse.
99. Let them use it to play board games. Convertible Picnic Table and Bench 100. Use it as a picnic table.
101. Use it as a bench. To see the entire collection, visit Outdoor FurnitureCedarStore.com. To contact a design consultant or a customer service representative, call 1-888-293-2339, or e-mail [email protected].

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