101 Earning Tips: 5 Simple Tips To Make Money Online

By: ps Davey

Listen, I know exactly what it is like looking for simple ways to make money online. It seems like everyone claims to have a simple step by step plan that anyone could follow and find success with. They claim that even if you don't know how to open their e-mail you will make money with this step by step plan. Well I'm not going to make any outrageous claims like that but I do want to give you 3 Simple Steps that have helped me to make money online that I know will help you too.

1 Consistent Determination - This one is probably the most important one of all. No matter how many simple ways to make money online that you find, and no matter how good the program is that you are following, if you fail to consistently take action you will not make money online. Let me tell you, I know what it is like to be distracted online. We all have e-mails to check, browsing to do, videos to watch and on and on it goes. But unless you treat this like a real job and start cutting out all these distractions you will find yourself getting frustrated and giving up before you know it.

2 The next one is desktop publishing. This requires minimum setup because all you need are graphic design skills and a good layout program. From invitations to brochures and flyers, you can take on this business on a project basis. This means only accepting orders when you don't have too much work on your hands. You can still maintain your regular Monday to Friday routine, and work on this during weekends.

3. Affiliate Marketing - with all the different options out there to choose from I have found Affiliate marketing to be the quickest and simplest way to make money online. From selling on E-bay to Forex to MLM there really isn't any other system that will bring in the amount of money per the time you put into it like Affiliate Marketing will. You basically promote other peoples products and make up to 75% commission per sale for doing it. Not too bad if you ask me.

4. Write Articles - When I first got started in affiliate marketing I made the mistake of diving into the world of pay per click advertising in which I just couldn't seem to make a dime and it was costing me way too much. Finally by the prompting of some fellow marketers I starting writing articles and only then did I begin to start making some money and it was costing me next to nothing. That's the beauty of article marketing it is completely free and in my opinion more effective. So learn from my mistakes and start with article marketing.

4 Selling products online - This can also become a profitable hobby. This can range from drawing, knitting and painting. The best places you can sell stuff are on eBay and other sites that have a lot of members.

There you have it 5 simple steps that have worked for me and I am convinced that they will for you too! So What's stopping you?

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