10 tips for Pet Safety during the Holidays

By: Bea York

Holiday Treats:
Don't feed your pet that "Holiday" treat. Rich fatty scraps, bones from pork and poultry, chocolate and other sweets and candies can be harmful or toxic to your pets.

These foods can inflame your pet's pancreas, and cause pancreatitis. Signs of an inflamed pancreas include vomiting and abdominal pain. Severe pancreatitis requires emergency medical treatment.

Christmas Tree:
Your pets are fascinated by the Christmas Tree. They want to climb it, sit under it and be around it. Be sure to secure your tree to the wall or ceiling with strong wire to keep it from toppling over on your pet.

When picking a tree stand find one that does not let your pet drink the water for the tree. Find one that is enclosed. The pine tree water can be very poisonous to your pet.

Christmas Tree Decorations:
There are so many things on a Christmas Tree that attract our pets. Glass ornaments look like shiny fetch balls. Tinsel is great fun and is on some of our other toys. All the ornaments and hooks, twinkling lights, electrical wiring pose a significant threat to your pets. Chewing, getting hooks stuck in skin and broken ornaments cut paws. When no one is home unplug lights and electrical decorations that your pet has access to. Cover electrical cords.

Poisonous Holiday Plants :
Mistletoe berries, Holly, Hibiscus, Christmas roses and Poinsettia are poisonous to your pets. Keep these plants out of the reach of your pets.

Pets and Bread Dough:
Bread dough continues to rise when it is ingested. This causes intestinal blockages. So keep bread dough away from your pets.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute you can find in sugar free candies and treats. Xylitol can cause a dog's blood sugar to drop quickly and can cause liver failure if not treated.

Macadamia Nuts:
Macadamia nuts are not good for your dog. These nuts can cause severe weakness in their legs and they appear paralyzed. They usually recover but it is a scary and unpleasant side affect for your pet.

These tips will keep your pet safe during the Holidays, while you still enjoy the festivities of the Holidays.

Your pets love to sit where it is warm. The hearth of the fireplace is a favorite. Remember to keep a fireplace screen in place to keep your pet from getting into the fireplace.

Your guests bring their purses and bags into your pet's environment. Pets smell new things and are curious. Be sure to tell your guests to secure their prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications where your pets cannot reach them.

The children in the household get lots of new toys for Christmas. After they open their gifts have them secure them in their room with the door shut. Your pet will want to investigate anything new and chew on small toys that can they can swallow. Intestinal blockages are dangerous.

Following these 10 tips can keep your pet safe during the Holidays.

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