10 most helpful Tips for Job Interview

By: Addis Aden

What a job interview actually is? In its simple form, an interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee, a somewhat formal discussion between a hirer and an applicant. During the job interview, the employer hopes to determine whether or not the applicant is suitable for the job, while the applicant tries to learn more about the position while also impressing the employer. So you will have to be well prepared.
Here are some tips for job interview, it's important to review your CV before you walk in the door for an interview. You don't want to have any surprises about what is or isn't coming out in your resume, or provide any numbers that disaccord with the piece of paper in front of them. While your interviewer will have a copy of your CV, you won't have a copy. Likewise a lot of things have to keep in mind while preparing for the interview.
• Prepare Answers: Mentally prepare the answers to the questions you are most likely to be asked. Prepare a response so you are ready for the question. For example "What do you know about our company? Try to relate what you know about the company when answering questions.
• Practice: Prior to the interview, always practice. Practice answering interview questions and practice most ask questions. Practicing will soothe your nerves and give you the confidence required to stay on eye level with the interviewer, thus making a good impression.
• Dress Formally: The best way to ensure a good first impression is to dress smart. If you are interviewing for a job in an office, it is usually best to wear a dark-colored, conservative suit. Part of being professional is dressing professionally.
• Be Honest: If you don't have a skill, just state it. Don't try to cover it up by talking and giving examples that aren't relevant. You're much better off saying you don't have that skill but perhaps you do have some related skills.
• Be Punctual: Always remember that you should be on time rather than the interviewer has to wait for you. This’d be the worst thing ever. You should always be there 5 minutes before. Try to observe things around you that time.
• Relax: During the interview try to relax and stay as calm possible. Maintain an eye contact with the interviewer. Listen to the entire question before you answer and pay attention.
• Be Specific: Try to relate your achievements to the work of the company. Show the interviewer how you will be an asset if you are hired. Avoid excessiveness, and just hit the high points and move on.
• Correct Posture: Keep your body posture straight and correct. Don’t show them that you are too lazy to sit on.
• Thank You Letter: Make sure you let the interviewer know how pleased you were to have the chance to interview with him or her. Send a thank you letter as it will make them realize your interest in the position.
So these are considered as some good tips for job interview which are very importantly required.

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