10 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss

By: David T.

Everyone has been born with five senses and each of them is very important. It would indeed be hard to imagine life without any one of them and hearing in particular is a sense that gives everyone a great deal of joy and enriches life considerably as well. Without proper hearing life can become mundane and very unenjoyable. Hearing allows us to hold conversations, watch movies and listen to the birds chirping. It is a sense for which everyone should be grateful to have.

Unfortunately, there are many people who lose this precious sense and the reasons for hearing loss are many. It could be due to injuries or due to genetic reasons and some causes are unavoidable though some can be prevented. It is therefore necessary to learn about how best to prevent hearing loss so that you can enjoy years and years of being able to listen to sounds and take pleasure in melodies that surround you.

The first way of preventing hearing loss is through protecting your ears, especially if you happen to be working in places where the volume of noise is very high such as during construction work or when working in the aviation industry. It is quite common to lose one's hearing at work, especially when noises are too high.

The second way of preventing hearing loss is through limiting use of gadgets such as MP3 players, phones and portable phones. In this modern electronic world, many more people have started to use MP3 players and mobile phones and are always seen wearing small earplugs in their ears. These ear buds and mobile phone headsets can cause damage to the ears and then cause hearing loss. It would be a good idea to limit how often you listen to music through earphones.

You can also prevent hearing loss by giving the ears a rest and taking time out. You could, instead, spend it in solitude and perhaps even meditate or otherwise relax. You should concentrate on listening to your body instead of listening to the sounds of the world. Even reading a book or solving crosswords can help prevent hearing loss.

There are also several natural ways to prevent hearing loss including homeopathic remedies, which are known to be much more effective as compared to taking antibiotics. In addition, you must also avoid being in places where the noise levels are on the high side and you also need to take special care to avoid listening to very high pitched noises as these can cause sensorineural hearing loss.

You can also prevent hearing loss by quitting smoking. It has been found out that the risk to smoker's vis--vis hearing loss is twice that of non-smokers. Other ways to prevent hearing loss is through controlling and even eliminating hypertension as well as refraining from a diet that contains too much of cholesterol.

Hearing loss can also be prevented through the taking of herbs such as ginkgo biloba and periwinkle. In addition, you may also need to visit a chiropractor to have your neck treated as head trauma is another reason why a person can suffer from hearing loss. A better diet too can also prevent hearing loss and you should also do an investigation about any allergies that you may be suffering from as these allergies can also cause hearing loss. Less salt consumption and avoiding heavy metals are other useful ways of preventing hearing loss.

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