10 Ways On How To Commit To A Fitness Routine

By: Mel Joelle

Committing to a fitness routine is something the average person struggles with on a daily basis. Some people’s level of fitness declines with age and the stressors of work and home. Others suffer for years before deciding to get fit. No matter when you commit, it is easier if you have a few tools and tricks to get you on track:

Own the Choice: Instead of saying you are getting fit because your doctor, your spouse, or someone else is demanding you to, realize that they cannot really force you to become more fit. You are the one making the decision. Once you can do that, you will not struggle in making a full commitment.

Accountability: If you are accountable to someone, you are more likely to improve and stay on track. This person can be a group leader or a personal trainer. It can even be you. It simply has to be someone who demands that you stick to your intentions and goals.

Enjoyment: Enjoyable activities are easier to commit to, so choose exercises that are fun. Even if you do not like your fitness routine at the outset, start with a positive attitude and look for the enjoyment in the routine.

Social Aspect: Exercising with a loved one, a group member, or an exercise buddy you meet in the fitness center can make a workout pass quickly and help you stay motivated.

Set schedule: Exercise at the same times during the week as much as possible. You will not only get into a habit of doing it, but it helps your body develop a rhythm of exercise and recovery.

Journal: A fitness journal can help you keep track of your program and monitor your progress. It can also give you the chance to motivate yourself about your commitment.

Varying Routines: Habits are good, but you will keep interested if you vary the routine as you go along. A competent personal trainer will construct a plan for variation depending on your fitness level and how well you have advanced.

Big Picture/Small Picture: Keeping the big picture and the small picture in balance will help you commit to your fitness routine. You need to look at the big picture occasionally to remind yourself why you are making the overall effort. Be sure to stay focused on the short term goals as well. This way, you will have a series of small goals that help maintain your focus and your sense of commitment.

Everyday Motivations: Think about what you will do when you are fit. You might be able to wear a certain type of clothing, do a particular sport or activity, or you might feel better about yourself.

Be Selfish: Sometimes you have to put yourself first to make a commitment to your fitness. You have to put the feelings and immediate needs of others aside and keep your health as a priority. The thing to remember is that taking care of yourself is important, because it keeps others from having to worry and take care of you.

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