10 Tips on How to Clean a Leather Sofa Bed

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1. Thorough Dusting
For this purpose, you will need a vacuum cleaner to remove the larger debris. Then in order to wipe the dust thoroughly you will have to use a soft clean cloth. Make sure that you nicely vacuum the spaces between cushions and seats of the sofa bed. You will have to be extra careful every time you are cleaning your sofa bed and avoid scratching leather surface with plastic cleaning attachments
2. Be Specific in Cleaning
While cleaning a leather sofa bed you should follow the “less-is-more” approach. If there are a few dirt marks, then focus only on those spots and leave the rest undisturbed. For relatively cleaner areas, confine yourself to cleaning with a damp cloth.
3. Cleaning Lightly Soiled Areas
In order to clean lightly soiled areas use a damp soapy cloth to wipe such areas. Prefer using an all-natural mild soap that has no sodium laurel sulphate or other harsh chemical compounds, because they can dry out the leather surface.
4. Cleaning Heavily Soiled Areas
For such areas look for a high quality saddle soap or some specialized natural leather sofa cleaner with ample natural bees’ wax. Avoid using too many solvents or petroleum products. Wax based cleaners are better than oil based ones as they help in conditioning and cleaning of the leather surface rather than seeping into it to impede the leather “breathe” through its natural pores.
5. Cleaning Mold or Mildew
In such cases, vinegar serves as one of the best cleaner. Vinegar is a mild disinfectant and helps in killing any mold. You have to be careful and use as little liquid as possible while cleaning your sofa bed.
6. How to Do It?
You should apply the cleaning product on leather surface in circular motions with medium pressure. Use a damp cloth as a soaking wet cloth is very likely to leave stains over the leather surface. Start by applying the cleaner in least dirty areas first and then proceed your way to the dirtier ones. It will ensure that the dirt does not spread. Always use the cleaner parts of the cloth and reapply the sofa cleaner as you proceed, until you are done with all parts of the sofa bed.
7. Wiping Off the Excess Cleaner
Wipe each cushion with a clean damp cloth again and rinse the cloth in clean water every time you proceed to next cushion.
8. Drying the Sofa Bed
For this purpose, run a dry cloth thoroughly over the sofa bed. Arrange proper ventilation, so that the sofa bed dries off as quickly as possible.
9. Surface Conditioning
When the sofa bed dries out completely you should apply a light coating of leather preservative or leather conditioner all over the surface. Go for wax-based natural leather cleaners to enjoy best results. Buff the whole surface of the sofa bed with a clean cloth to get a shiny sofa surface.
10. For Long Lasting Care
If you want to keep your sofa bed well maintained over a long period then you should clean and condition it in the similar manner at least once a year.

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