10 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

By: Chriss Tyrrell

Fact: The days are long gone when a person such as yourself can expect to compete online in the search engine head banging contest, without at least some basic knowledge of SEO techniques. Also you need not be a tech savvy computer “wizard” to implement some of the most effective search engine optimization methods on your site.

#1Understand that pictures are nice but they factor not one bit in SEO. Google's computers that search for keywords can only read and comprehend written text.

#2Get your hands on all the search engine keywords that are relevant to whatever it is that you're marketing. Don't become obsessed with the top, “most popular words”. Those are the most competitive. Check out less popular but so much less competed for keywords.

#3Consider using top keywords in your company name. For instance if you're in the manufacturing components business and your name is “Jakes Inc”, consider changing your name to “Jakes manufacturing components Inc”.

#4Don't go overboard with keyword rich text on your front pages. It will tend to scare people off. Consider adding a list of articles that visitors can select from, and then use these articles to add keywords to your sites content.

#5Try to capitalize any keywords in your site when ever possible (within reason). One good way to do this is to break your written text up into nice neat paragraphs. Then above each paragraph, give it a capitalized headline and this is where you can insert capitalized keywords into your text.

#6Don't go crazy with and over-do keywords. It's been tried uncountable times, in any number of clever configurations and Google will in fact punish your site for it. However; if you have the top keyword in your company name, it is acceptable to have your name (and that keyword) at the top of each page and inserted more liberally in your text.

#7Always favor quality over quantity. What this means, is that you will be better off taking your time and holding back and using higher quality, more carefully crafted content then piling your site up with a bunch of keyword content that reads like a ten year old kid wrote it.

#8Do your best to cleverly conceal any keywords that you include in your text. Some can be more difficult than other to use and these “odd sounding” keywords can be gold mines because others will simply refuse to use them. Do your best, so that your readers will pass right over them without noticing anything odd.

#9When writing articles for your website always do your best to include any keywords in the title, preferably towards the front of the title. Then insert them once in the first paragraph. Once every 200 words and then once in the last paragraph.

#10Lastly, in the work and focus that you are devoting to keyword containing content, don't forget to keep your site interesting and amusing. Of course Google gods look at your content but they will also reward you for doing a good job with keywords, while at the same time, maintaining the quality and integrity of your site.

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Chris Tyrrell writes for Studio-40, a web design and marketing agency in the UK. Visit the website to find out more: Search engine optimisation company.

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