10 Tips To Get A Good Mortgage

By: Juliet Turner

Choosing the right mortgage can seem very tricky as the UK recovers from the blow of a big recession, which probably hit people the hardest in recent times. Due to economic slowdown, mortgage lenders had to forcibly decrease the frequency of giving out mortgages. So finding and getting a mortgage is still a tough job. Choosing the right mortgage in this vulnerable economy requires careful homework and strategic planning. Here are some tips which might help you to choose a better mortgage plan from the limited options.

Save Money for a Deposit

The first and foremost thing which you should do is to save enough money for a deposit. If you have nothing or a paltry sum to deposit, the mortgage lender might put on a higher interest rate.

Bigger Deposits Mean Better Options

To get a good deal on a mortgage, you should make larger deposit so that you can get a better range of options.

Do the Research

Before buying any mortgage, research is very necessary. A Good broker will plan your mortgage for you according to your requirements. But before approaching any of these mortgage brokers, research on your own and explore the mortgage industry and its trends to stay abreast of the advantages your deal might offer. You can also use a mortgage calculator to calculate your costs.

Check the Mortgage Fees

This is very important for you to know about all the costs included in the mortgage. You must calculate the percentage of the interest fees on the specific mortgage as well as comprehend intrinsic details of each separate amount charged.

Credit Rating

The high risk mortgage market was badly affected by the credit crunch. Anybody that has not got quality credit may not get a good mortgage deal. Before you plan to buy a particular mortgage such as buy to let mortgages, do check your credit rating. This checking should be done with more than one reference credit agencies. If you have problems with credit then clear it to get better options in mortgage dealings.

Consider Mortgage Flexibility

Many different types of mortgages are available nowadays. Each has different schemes so that you can choose the right option for your requirements. The more options you have, the more opportunity you have for selecting the best mortgage.

Consider the Time Duration

It is always advisable to choose a short-term mortgage as here you will be required to pay a lesser amount of interest. But if you choose a long-term mortgage you will have to pay a larger amount.

Different Types of Finances

There are different types of financing policies which include flexible or fixed rates, long-term or short-term and capital payment or interest only.


Some flexible mortgages allow overpayments reducing the term. Some lenders try to earn extra money by crediting the amount to your account. So, before choosing any particular type of mortgage, check the wording carefully.

The Application

Before committing to any deal, go through the application process very carefully. Choosing a mortgage and investing in it is a crucial decision. So, take time and understand all the intricacies of the mortgage before signing on the dotted line.

These few tips might help you to get the right mortgages that you want. Following these tips can protect you from all those mortgage lenders who are often on the lookout for easy money by misleading customers.

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