10 Tips For Dealing With Airport Security

By: Auckland Semper Jr

Traveling by airplane in this day and age can pose certain challenges. Follows are 10 tips to make dealing with airport security less taxing on the nerves.

Plan ahead when it comes to packing. To date, only a very small amount of liquids, creams or gels are allowed when packed correctly - in a clear container in one quart-sized clear baggie. Anything that doesn't fit this bill should be packed in your check-on luggage or left out completely and replaced once you reach your arrival destination.

Plan to weigh your baggage beforehand. Bags that are check-in at claims must weigh fifty pounds or less. By weighing your luggage at home, you'll be able to avoid a delay at the claims department. Also consider carrying on as much as possible.

Plan to arrive early -very early. Most airports have websites that can provide fliers with up-to-date information on the wait time for flights. Typically the current rules is to arrive at lest two hours before the estimated take-off time

Obtain the right identification. Certain destinations require visitors to have specific ID. Go online to discover if any ID required apply in your case. This way you'll have time to apply and receive your identification.

Wear comfortable - and easily removable - shoes. Nearly every security checkpoint will require that you take off your shoes. Avoid a hassle by investing in a comfortable pair of slip-ons.

Bottoms up. Security refuses passengers from bringing drinks onto the plane. Even drinks purchased in the safe area beyond the checkpoints aren't safe enough. Be prepared to consume or dispose of your drink before boarding.

Long wait times are difficult for adults, and doubly so for children. Make everyone a little happier by providing your children with puzzles, games or books to keep them entertained.

No arguments please. Airport employees have a job to do and that is to get you to your destination safely. You can help them out by following directions calmly and quickly.

Airport security will allow passengers to take medications and baby formula when presented with a notice signed by a medical doctor.

Don't worry, be happy. Life is best when enjoyed. Don't allow the fear of terrorists or the annoyance of airport security measures to dampen your spirits.

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