10 Timeless Backlink Methods That Work

By: Chandni Panjwani

10 Timeless Backlink Methods That Work

Some SEO techniques come and go. They’re fads and tend to exploit short term inefficiencies in the search engine algorithms. On the other hand, some SEO techniques never chance. They’ve been around since the inception of the search engines and will continue to be effective a decade from today.
These are ten timeless SEO strategies that work.

#1 – Intelligent Contributions through Blog Commenting
One common way to get traffic is through blog commenting. The trick with using this traffic source is to only post high quality information.
Don’t spam. Don’t post one-liners. Instead, try to offer real value in the comments you’re posting. You’ll get real targeted traffic to your site(s) and also make an impression on bloggers.
I agree, some of them are nofollow backlinks. But there are a good number of blogs still giving follow links. Also the traffic you drive from there could pave way for more backlinks.
#2 – Become an Expert on the Forums
Share your knowledge with others on internet forums freely. Much like with blog commenting, the idea is to provide content so valuable that people can’t help but click over to your site.
A lot of today’s big marketing gurus actually launched their careers by offering advice on internet forums.
#3 – The Magic of Guest Blogging
Approach high traffic sites directly or use a directory service like MyBlogGuest or BloggerLinkUp to find guest blogging opportunities. Write a highly informative article and include a link at the bottom.
The key is to impress your audience so much that they can’t help but wonder about who the author was. They’ll naturally want to learn more about you if you offer incalculable value.
#4 – Directory Submission, Social Submission
Directory submission has been around since the very early days of the internet. Before there were search engines, there were internet directories. Yahoo started out not as a search engine, but as a giant directory of all the websites on the internet.
Submitting to directories today is a little different than how it worked back then, but it’s still just as effective. You want to get your website into directories that actually get viewed by real people. Usually these are niche directories and good quality directories which are crawled by search engines regularly.
The same goes for social submissions. You want to submit to sites that are frequented by real people. Social sites can also generate a lot of backlinks.
#5 – Old Fashioned Networking
A lot of business is done through good old fashioned networking. If you get someone to like you, chances are they’ll do you a favor if they believe it’s also a win for their audience.
If you get a business owner to like you, they’ll link to you or agree to promote your products and/or services. They’ll write reviews. They’ll tweet.
Go to networking events like conferences and trade shows and make the rounds. Just one high profile connection is all you need to recoup your costs.
#6 – Actively Seek Reviews
When you get reviewed by another site, they’re naturally going to link back to you. Getting reviewed also helps generate buzz and creates the impression that a lot of people are thinking about buying your product.
Contact people in your industry who do reviews and offer them a free copy of your product.
#7 – Create a Culture of Sharing
Ask your audience to share the content your produce. Make it clear with every piece of content you publish that you welcome sharing.
Produced an infographic? Pass it along! An eBook? Pass it along! A video? Pass it along!
If what you’re putting out there is truly top shelf, people will be happy to pass it along as long as you make it clear that they have permission to do so.
#8 – Join an Association
Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Join Business Networking International. Join Toastmasters. Join your industry specific trade associations.
Real business networking associations will help you meet people, develop business contacts, get advice and yes, get backlinks. Often time’s just being a member is all you need to get a high PR backlink from the association’s website.
#9 – License it Out!
Create a valuable piece of content, then license it out, with the requirement that they link back to you to use that content.
For example, give away stock photos for free. In exchange, they have to attribute the image to you and link back.
Or you could create a free theme that has a link at the bottom going back to your site.
#10 – Give Away Free Stuff Constantly
Give away free videos, free eBooks, free products and even free services constantly. People should association you, your website and your brand with generosity. This does two things.
First, more people will get this content and want to link back to you. If you’re giving away something for free that they believe a friend or an audience will love, they’ll link to you.
It also builds a lot of goodwill. If you spend 95% of your time giving things away, that 5% of the time that you ask for the sale will be received with open arms.

These are the top 10 strategies that came to my mind. What are yours? Would love to hear your comments.

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