10 Things to Do If You were Wrongly Terminated

By: Medwin Otis

In one's professional life, losing a job is a setback for most. Loss of stable income, a worry about finances and the fear of an unknown future ahead, etc. all or any of these reasons can intimidate anyone. Wrongful termination is the most difficult one to accept. It is the kind when your employer lets you go for reasons against the employer-employee contract and your civil rights. It is unfair to take something like this sitting down. Here are steps you should take in case you feel you were unfairly terminated

1) The first thing to do after you learn you are fired is to ask why. You deserve to know the cause that made them let you go. If you can, get this information in writing. It will also help if you can find out who all were involved in this decision.

2) Then after knowing the reason, go over it and decide if it was really a case of wrongful termination or you were a victim of discrimination.

3) Once you have decided that your case was indeed wrongful termination, look for an experienced employment lawyer. A recommendation from people around you is one of the ways of finding a lawyer.

4) A lawyer will guide you regarding the course of your lawsuit. He will also tell you the damages you are entitled to. He can review the severance package offered to you, if any.

5) It's your job to make the lawyer aware of the entire build up that led to you losing the job. He needs to know of all the things you have noted down and what you can think of as possible reasons that this has happened.

6) In case, you think your termination was a case of discrimination on any grounds, be it sex, age, race, religion or beliefs or because of the fact that you were a whistleblower, you must go the job commission and file a complaint. Getting a verdict in your favor in the commission's court will work as additional evidence.

7) Recollecting instances when you were on the receiving end of unfair treatment will help your lawyer build up a strong case against you.

8) Whenever you go for a settlement meeting with your employer, always have your lawyer accompany you. Even if they insist on meeting with you alone, do not give in. It is essential that your lawyer is with you as that will know what to expect if your case goes to trial.

9) Your employer will bring their lawyer along and that might intimidate you. However, it is essential to remember that you were wronged and that you have solid reason to believe so.

10) When you talk about the settlement, try to get continuation benefits from the employer. You were wrongfully denied your right to work and earn a living that makes your employer liable to pay up till you do not find another job to earn your sustenance.

Your belief in yourself and your cause is essential. If you believe you have been wronged, you should get the justice. An experienced and qualified employment attorney can win you the respect and justice you deserve.

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