10 Simple Tips in Writing a Press Release that Works

By: Elisa Whealer

A press release must meet that goal to bring in more traffic and more business. Otherwise what else could be the purpose of doing a press release. Therefore, when writing a press release, it is imperative that all details, both enticing and appealing to the market audience must be included. The targeted audience must get interested with your company's products and services and most especially that they are convinced of the integrity and quality of the products or services being offered.
So how do you actually make a release that will function as it was intended? What are some good rules of thumb in writing a press release that works?
Your 10 Tips: A Guide on Writing an Online Press Release
1.) Know the required format for submission. With this, you know what the needed data will be in your release. Different online press distribution service providers will vary slightly on the lay-out of the release format"the substance though will usually be the same.
2) More heads are better than one! So you definitely must go around talk to your co-workers, teammates, asking them to contribute ideas, suggestions and whatever that could make your press release effective. You will need their input so as to be able to add information that can surely work best for your company's sales.
3) Do not try to squeeze in all details in your press release to the point that you will lose the attention of your readers. Choose carefully the highlights of your company and include only those that will attract and convince your readers to deal with your company. In an effective press release, sometimes less information is stronger than more. Too much can distract your targeted audience and they might lose interest in reading the rest of it.
4) Truth comes out sooner or later! So when you write a press release, all the things in there must be satisfactorily met. It is never good practice to send out press releases that carry promises that cannot be fulfilled. Maybe you get some customers initially but once words spread that you did not deliver, then you just wasted your efforts. You just made yourself some negative advertisement.
5) Always use clarity in your words to describe the main points. How can you bring across your business to your readers so that they will respond to your favor.
6) Brush up on your writing skills. Edit your press release. Mistakes in grammar and poor English kill an otherwise good press release.
7) Once your draft is done, review for clarity and effectivity to its purpose. You may hand it to your teammate or anyone with press release expertise for their opinion. Do modifications, if needed to finally polish the whole package.
8) Finding the best online press distribution service provider for best results for your company. The internet can show all sorts of these providers. Read more on their performances, their background, their dependability. Forums usually can give you more insights on these providers. Check the internet and be alert of any testimonials that say bad things about any of them.
9) Among the providers, narrow the list down to 5 sites you consider topnotch. It will be easier for you to do full comparison, allowing you to spot the best, for your needs.
10) Study closely the quality of customer service of these 5 sites in your list. Contact each one and be attentive of the way they treat you. If they do not handle their business in a timely fashion, then cross them out from your list. Watch for their eagerness or lack of it when you talk to them. You should only choose a provider that is committed to their customer's satisfaction.
Keep these 10 simple tips in mind. Review them as you make your releases. We all agree that releases can make or break your marketing campaigns. So make sure to write press releases that work.

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