10 Reasons Why Brushing is Important

By: Eli Wyres

1. The first reason that brushing your teeth is so important is to save you money. If you do not properly and regularly brush the food, bacteria and other residue off your teeth, you will soon lose them to tooth decay. This can be very expensive with root canals, cavities and finally dentures all caused from the neglect to keep your teeth and gums clean.

2. The second reason that brushing is important is whiter teeth. While you can go and spend hundreds at the dentist for teeth whitening procedures, it is much better to simply brush your teeth twice each day and keep them clean and white yourself.

3. Not brushing your teeth will result in horrendously bad breath. Imagine people avoiding talking to you simply because they cannot bear the smell of your breath. Regularly brushing your teeth will eliminate this problem.

4. Tooth decay bears repeating. If you do not regularly and properly brush your teeth, you will end up with tooth decay. This can lead to further and more serious problems and can cause severe pain as your teeth begin to literally rot in your mouth and break off.

5. Vanity is probably one of the most popular reasons that people brush their teeth. In order to have a bright smile and beautifully white teeth, brushing is important. Not only should you brush, but you should brush properly at least two times each day to maintain a whiter smile.

6. The expense of some whitening products can be very high. If you were to neglect brushing your teeth for only a few days, you would begin to see stains and plaque buildup that only tooth whitening products or a trip to the dentist can remove.

7. Your health is important. Not brushing your teeth will lead to tooth decay, which can inadvertently affect your heart. The bacteria and plaque on your teeth can travel directly to your heart causing many versions of heart disease.

8. The impact that you have on your children should be important to you. If you do not properly and regularly brush your own teeth, your children will not see the importance of brushing their teeth and you will eventually have caused their teeth to decay as well.

9. Your taste buds can also be affected if you do not brush your teeth. The constant and occurring buildup of plaque and bacteria can damage your taste buds if not removed periodically. So, if you want to enjoy your food, you must keep your teeth and tongue clean and healthy.

10. Finally, it is simply expected that you keep your mouth clean. While you can chew gums that will remove many stains, there is nothing that can be substituted for keeping your teeth brushed and clean.

If you find that even after brushing you still have stains and plaque, you can try a home whitening system such as Dazzle White to give yourself that beautiful, bright smile.

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