10 Learning Apps for Your Kids With Their First iPad

By: Brooke M. Perry

Whether your kid is going to Kindergarten, elementary or middle school, iPad can be highly instrumental in transforming their learning experiences into fun activity. The Apple Appstore houses a vast collection of amazing learning apps that can keep your kids more interested in learning new things like alphabets, number, states, capitals, etc.

So, if your kid shows great interest in using your iPad, then you can make his/her first iPad experience really educational yet fun filled by downloading some of the best learning apps from Apple Appstore.

Listed below are ten most popular learning apps that you can download on your iPad for educating your kids in a more constructive and innovative way.

Endless Alphabet

This app is benefiting for kindergarten-aged children. The app is an effective tool that can help your kid in learning the alphabets and letters along with their sounds. The best thing about the app is that it imparts learning in a really interesting way that keeps the children engrossed in the learning process.

On launching the app, alphabets appear on the iPad screen and kids need to drag them and create words. When they succeed in creating a right word, they are rewarded with a wonderful animation and also given the definition of the word. This app can be downloaded for just $5.99.

The Lonely Beast 123

The Lonely Beast 123 is an app that will help your kid while he/she is learning counting of numbers. The app is all about a house of a lonely beast, where kids can find many visually attractive and interesting items such as shooting stars, rubber ducklings, delicious cakes, etc. All these stuffs are countable and children can count those by tapping over them. Once tapped the item will blow out, sink or disappear in a visually engrossing way. The app is available for $1.99.

Stack the States

This app can help elementary school going kids in enhancing their knowledge of states, their capitals, geographic locations, flags etc. This app keeps the children interested by proposing a challenge to them. Children need to correctly answer the geography questions and also need to physically stack the state shapes to protect them from toppling. So, the app is also a kind of game that interests the kids and also helps them memorize the names of states and capitals. The app is available for $0.99.

Monster Physics

This is a very interesting app that in a way familiarizes with building games which are so popular among kids. In this app, children can build crane, rocket, ship, cars etc on the iPad screen. But the twist is while building the items, the kids also learn about the basic principles of physics. So, with this app you can ignite your kidís interest on physics from a very early age itself. The app is best for elementary school children and can be downloaded for $0.99.

Math Ninja HD

If your kid shows less interest in mathematics, then worry not. Just get him Math Ninja HD app in his iPad. This app is tower-defense style game that also helps the children to learn the math facts. The player of the game acts as a ninja who is set on a mission to protect his tree house from the robots sent by Tomato-San. The only way to protect the house is to answer the math facts and earn weapons to fight against the assaulting robot team of Tomato-San. This app is designed for elementary school children and available for $1.99 on Apple App store.

Art Authority K-12

If you want your kid to have interest on art, then raise their interest with the app Art Authority k-12. This app is basically a kid oriented version of the popular classic app named Art Authority. Through this app, your kid will have access to information of more than 60,000 paintings and sculptures, which can also help them in enhancing their GK knowledge about world famous art and sculptures. The app not just displays individual works of art but also provides information about period overviews, histories, timelines and includes interesting video clips. It is available on Apple App store for $7.99.


This app is for your middle school going children. If your children want to learn foreign language, then you can assist them with Duolingo. The app will help your kid to gain in-depth knowledge of new words and phrases of a new language. Itís a free app and a great tool to start learning foreign language at a young age.

The Room Two

The Room Two is a physical puzzler combined with a mystery game. This app depicts a 3D environment that allows your kid to have a sophisticated experience over the sleek display screen of the iPad. The app is a puzzle game supported by the element of the education that fires up the brain synapses of your kids. It is a bit tricky game that demands lot of brain churning, hence can be used by children of middle school or above. It is available for $4.99.


PocketCAS is an app of lifetime use for a student of mathematics. Your kid can start using the app at elementary level and can continue using it till the graduation level and even beyond. The app allows simple to complex mathematic calculations like calculus, statistics and algebra. It can be purchased for $4.99.


Strong vocabulary always proved to be benefiting to the children at different walks of life. It helps in college entrance preparation and also in other international level exams like SAT. Help your kids learn a new word each day with the app-Cultiwords. It is designed for students of middle school, high school and even those pursuing undergraduate course. In fact even grownups like you can use the app to enhance the knowledge of words. The app can be purchased for $0.99.

Now as you know about so many interesting learning apps, so you got all the reasons to allow your kid access your iPad. In fact you can gift iPad to your kids and in a way provide them a platform to add fun and innovation to their lesson learning sessions which are otherwise tiring and not so interesting.

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