10 Important Points on Learning to Play the Piano

By: Paul Tobey

Whether you're learning to play the piano for the first time or re-learning as an adult, it can be a very rewarding experience. That is, of course, if you know where to turn to and how to choose the next steps that are right for you.

The following article deals with 10 tips on learning to play the piano and gives you the information you need to decide what you should do next.

1. What is your skill level? Knowing where you're at with your current playing ability will determine what you should do next. Many people don't know where they are at and therefore make terrible decisions on where and who to learn from. Seek the advice of a professional or teacher to ascertain your current skill level

2. How much does learning to play the piano mean to you? Many people learn piano for all the wrong reasons. Your attitude toward learning and music in general will determine how successful you will be. For example; are you learning the piano just to impress your friends or are you doing it because music means a great deal to you?

3.Do you even own a piano? I have found through experience that a real piano is a much better choice than an electric piano and can motivate you to continue. An electric piano may take up less space and cost less but in the long run you'll be stunting your musical growth by turning to a much less inspiring instrument.

4. What can you afford? The level of instruction that you will get is largely dependent on your budget. Do you have one? And, if so, how much is it. Private music teachers can charge $50 an hour or more. Are you ready for that kink of commitment? If not, you may want to consider online piano lessons and video piano lessons as an alternative.

5. What type of music do you want to learn? Whether it's classical music, jazz or even blues that will determine who you choose to learn from. Most piano teachers have different skill sets. Not all classical piano teachers know jazz and vise versa. Take great care in choosing a teacher that is well versed in the type of music your want to learn and are inspired to learn.

6. How much time do you have? It is important if you are going to get anywhere with your piano skills that you set aside at least an hour a day to practice. If you cannot set that aside then I would suggest to you that learning to play the piano is simply not right for you. Very few people can get away with less than an hour a day to learn piano.

7. Do you have the wherewithal to learn piano? Wherewithal means that your aptitude and attitude are in check with you desires. Learning to play the piano is a desire that is prominent but if your learning ability and aptitude are not up to the challenge you may find that your mind wanders too much to get the most out of the experience.

8.How does your ear hear music? Learning to play the piano requires a good ear for music. When you hear music can you sing the melody? Can you tap along to the music in rhythm? Can you dance? All of these things will tell you if you have the aptitude for learning the piano.

9. What is your past experience? Have you tried to learn music and failed before? If so, you may not have what it takes to start over. Not everyone is gifted in this way. So, if you've learned as a child and would like to re-learn consider the fact that you may not be entirely cut out for it.

10. Do you feel the music? Nothing will help you more when it comes to learning to play the piano than how you feel about music. Music is a great thing but only if it means something to you. And by meaning I mean how the music affects you on a mental, physical and spiritual level. The enjoyment of music is unique to the individual. I would suggest to you that learning to play the piano is the next level to add to your enjoyment and I would encourage you to find lessons that are right for you.

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