10 Home Security Tips You Need To Know

By: Mel Joelle

Feeling safe and protected is a longing in all human beings. Most homeowners are concerned about burglars breaking into their home. While installing a home security system is your best option, there are some very simple steps that you can take to make sure that your home is not a target for burglars. The following tips should be taken be all homeowners, including those who have installed a monitored home security system.

The first step is to have good lighting in your home. A criminal does not want to be caught red handed. Therefore, by installing the proper exterior lighting in your home, you are greatly increasing the rate of the burglar being caught in the act, and consequently decreasing your chances of experiencing a home intrusion. Not only are you improving your safety, but you are also enhancing the beauty and value of your home, as well as accommodating yourself and visitors while walking in and out of your home at night.

Second, you should also maintain a well-manicured lawn. If you have many bushy plants around your home, they are a great hiding place for criminals. While it may be aesthetically pleasing, maintaining this type of landscape can endanger your family and home’s safety. This does not mean that you cannot have a beautiful landscape and garden in your home, just maintain it to where it is not a good hide out for burglars.

Third, make sure that you remove papers and mail. Most burglaries occur when a home is unoccupied. One sure sign that no one is home is a pile of uncollected newspapers and an overflowing mailbox. Have a family member or trusted neighbor collect your mail and newspapers while you are away.

Fourth, make sure that your doors and windows are securely locked and latched. While a locked door may not prevent a burglary, it definitely makes the entry harder on the burglar

Fifth, maintain your home and yard. This is a simple way of protecting your home. As previously mentioned, trimming bushes and shrubs that are planted beside the home can remove cover, giving the criminals nowhere to hide. Keeping your surroundings clean will not only be pleasing to the eye and make coming home a delight, but also increase your safety.

Sixth, make it seem like you are home. Leaving a light on is a common method for making a home appear occupied. However, if a burglar notices that the same light in a home is on for several days and nights in a row, it can be safely assumed that no one is home. You may want to install an automated timer. Automated timers activate lights and other appliances when you are not home to increase security and provide a pleasant, lit environment to come home to. This is a great way to truck a thief.

Seventh, join or form a neighborhood watch. This is a great way for neighbors to help each other stay safe and secure. Post neighborhood watch signs throughout the neighborhood and in the yards of residents. Burglars hate knowing they are being watched.

Eighth, you may want to have watchdogs. Remember that a large dog like a German Shepard or a Doberman Pincher is going to need ample space to move. Also, make sure this is a safe choice for your entire family. Watch dogs can not only protect your home, but also make a great companion.

Ninth, install a monitored home security system. The presence of a home security system is one of the biggest things burglars try to avoid. ADT is America’s number one home security company. They have various plans and packages to best meet your family’s needs.

And finally, whether you have a security system or not, you can make the thief think that you do. Putting a few bright, reflective security signs in your yard and stickers in the windows can help deter any would be criminal. Make sure that you change these signs out on a regular basis to keep them bright and readable.

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