10 High profit candlestick patterns you must know

By: Mark Deaton

There are literally hundreds of candlestick patterns that traders use to increase their trading performance. Best used with other technical analysis tools, here are the top 10 patterns that provide the most consistent results.
* The dark cloud: This 2 candlestick reversal patter shows its face at the top of a bullish trend. The first candlestick matches the trend with its bullish real body while the next candlestick appears on the open to be aggressive but immediately fails and heads down to close beyond the 50% point of the first candlestick, letting us know that the reversal has started.
* Doji: When the opening and closing price are essentially the same, the candlestick formed resembles a plus sign, cross, or inverted cross and is referred to as Doji. It represents indecision on the part of the market, and is interpreted by traders that a turning point is imminent.
* The engulfing candlestick pattern: This formation consists of just two candlesticks. The first of the two will open and close within the real body of the second candlestick, and as such the second one will have an open and close outside the first candlesticks real body. This can be a bearish or bullish engulfing pattern depending upon the full or empty bodied candlesticks in the pattern.
* Evening star candlestick: This is a 3 bar bearish candlestick pattern. The first candlestick will be a rather strong white candlestick the second is a gap up short bodied candlestick indicating a weakness in bullish strength, then the final is a gap down bearish black candlestick where typically the low reaches beyond the 50% mark of candlestick #1.
* Hammer: When trading occurs significantly below the open, but ends well above the low and closes as its high, the candlestick formed has only one tail below its body. When this formation occurs during a downtrend, it often signals a reversal.
* Hanging man: The hanging man is still a hammer, but when its on an uptrend its called a hanging man. Look to the long tail for the intuitiveness in the candlestick. Price pushed down but failed to stay there, this is bullish and so the hanging man tells us the trend will continue. A continuation candlestick.
* Harami: This is a simple two day candlestick pattern that has a relatively small body on the second day that is completely surpassed on both sides by the previous day's candlestick and is always of the opposite color. It usually occurs during a minor correction in a bear or bull market and signals that this temporary uptrend or downtrend is reaching an end, and the underlying trend will continue. It is especially considered a strong indicator when it appears together with low trading volume.
* Morning star pattern: A bullish 3 bar pattern. The morning star pattern will start out bearish continuing the prevailing trend. Then it will gap down and turn up ever slowly closing above but near the open. The next day BAM, it will gap up and close much higher than the open.
* Piercing Line: This is a two-day formation considered to be a bullish reversal. The first is a continuation of a downtrend with a long black body. The second day opens at a new low, but closes above the midpoint of the previous day's trading.
* The shooting star: This single candlestick marks a reversal off of an uptrend. Characterized by a long upper wick and a short real body this bearish reversal candlestick simply says that the bullish trend has just been exhausted. Pay close attention to the shooting star.

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