10 Half marathon pointers

By: Jeff Run

Half Marathon Training
well, this site central question is running 5k plan meant for group that considered “couch potatos” or else for learners, the second natural step for these runners in the 10k run, therefore we have developed a great running plan for these runners as well.
as for half marathon runners we are going to show you the main factors that you must think about when training for a half marathon but you will have to check for more detailed information here, in the book for half and full marathon runners.

1. Construct and train your body bit by bit
running more than sixty min in one run is stressful for your body, you will have to let your body modify to the new running by letting it relax.

2. Practice eating in addition to drinking though running
while running more than 60 min you will have to feed your body, water (and other fluids like sports drinks or gels) and food (like bananas, energy bars ect.), it is not easy for our stomach to accept food / fluids during such an effort, when you perform extended distance running you have to put into practice eating and drinking also.

3. Have a running plan schedule
when you perform extended distance runs you have to have a plan, the plan assists you to keep on a excellent road and get to extended distances at the same time as doing it slowly, keep in mind you be obliged to feel your body and react if and when needed.

4. Practice in race surroundings
the adrenalin, the rush, the excitement and sleep are part of taking part a race, even as you train you should list to several races plus see how you run when you are on a contest, occasionally you will have to keep it slow even when you will be exited, as a result you will come to an end it and pick up to the end.

5. Time to check your paste
if you run 5k in 26 minutes, you will run half marathon in about 2 hours.
if you run 5k in 30 minutes, you will run half marathon in about 2:15 hr.
if you run 5 kilometers in thirty five min, you will run half marathon in about 2:35 hours.

6. Half marathon preparation points
Make one long run a week, usually in the weekend.
Have three runs in the weekdays, usually two quick and simple runs in addition to one extended run (not as long as the weekend run).

7.consume as a jogger following your runs
while you make intense running your body requests certain food, protein as well as carboy-drates are critical following a long exercises, it will assist your body mend its muscle-tissue for your next activity session.

8.avoid weight increase
when you train you let yourself eat additional food, it is significant to keep light, you can go to a professional diet adviser or keep a simple eating routine and manage your food. checking your mass 3-4 times a week will aid you. in addition to as a general recommendation - don't eat junk.

9. carbs for long runs
in long runs of 1:20 or more, you ought to consume carbs after about fifty minutes of run, then your body glycogen stores will require a refuel. take about sixty grams of carbs for each hr following 50 minutes of run.

10.listen to your body in addition to practice stopping as well as continuing
if you sense short on sugar, feel extremely weak, feel something is not as it ought to, you must know how to stop and how to begin running after a stop. its not an easy task. mentally and physically you have to practice it even when you want to make time. stop - drink - continue ...

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10 Running pointers for half marathon runners. For more tips please visit us at learn how to run, Jeff website for "first time runners".

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