10 Characteristics High Performing Realtors Do Not Want You To Use

By: Josh

The road to success in real estate has many different paths. What works well for some real estate professionals may not work well for you. In understanding this, here are ten frequently used tactics to assist you in paving the way to success as a real estate professional:

- Value yourself like a business: Even though you may use the equipment and tools that are provided by a larger broker, you are really a commission-based and independent sales person. This technically means you are like a small business owner, so run everything like a business.

- Always know what is happening in your market: Always stay informed about what is going on in your local market as well as any news that may impact you as a real estate professional with resources like http://www.EstateAnalytics.com. This allows you to be prepared for anything that has happened or may happen soon.

- Develop short term goals: Create realistic goals that you can accomplish within a week or a month. An example would be collecting X amount of leads for a month.

- Develop goals for the long term: Create realistic goals that can be accomplished bi-annually or annually. An example would be to close X amount of properties by the end of a year.

- If possible, get a mentor: Mentor�s are an amazing asset to have, especially when you are just starting out. They can provide you with all the in�s and out�s of being a real estate professional with the experience to prove their value. Mentor�s can quickly get you to where you want to be, as you can quickly learn what works and what to stay away from.

- Test and track: Always experiment with everything you do and mark down your results. By doing this, you can continuously improve on all aspects of your business, thus becoming a more successful real estate agent.

- Embrace change: While it may be comforting to just repeat your business practices over and over again, you should really be willing to step out of your comfort zone and work with how the real estate market is evolving. Not only will this indicate to your clients that you are willing to try new things, but it also prepares you for whatever is to come in the real estate market, thus giving you an advantage over your competition.

- Make a budget: Determine how much you can use on your marketing and advertising campaigns. You can do this for each listing or for every month, as some higher-end homes may require bigger budgets. This will ensure that you never run into any financial issues.

- Develop a promotional tactics: Develop a template or plan so that you can maximize the effectiveness of your time. This will also provide as a great resource for anyone you hire in the future.

- Instill confidence in yourself and in others: Make sure that you always be confident in yourself. If you don�t have personal confidence, you will probably develop a negative reputation among clients and others.

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