10 Best World of Warcraft Gold Farming Strategies

By: Jim Wapp

Here's a compilations of World of Warcraft gold tips and strategies that I believe every WoW player should know. I have gathered them from my personal experience and they have served me very well in the past.

1. For maximum gold, your very first character must take on at least 1 gathering profession, preferably Mining as it supports 3 crafting professions.

2. Vendor all the 'grey' items (duh!) you find while leveling, send the rest to an alternative character, and post them onto the Auction House.

3. We all know how well Dusts and Essences sell in the Auction House, instead of vendoring or auctioning the greens that you find, tip an Enchanter to disenchant them and sale the dusts and Essences.

4. Get addons: Auctioneer, Gatherer, Atlasloot, TitansPanel (or FuBar). This provides some very useful additional information that the default UI does not offer.

5. Supply your goods from your gathering professions to crafters in top guilds on your server. Doing this will guarantee sales and you eliminate the Auction House cut.

6. When Mining, keep in mind that Silver and Tin shares a spawning node; Gold and Iron shares another one; and the same applies for Truesilver and Mithril. For example, if you are only looking for Gold Ores, you MUST mine all the iron nodes as well because this will increase the overall Gold Node spawns.

7. If you are a more advanced player, jump on the new profession Inscription when Wrath of the Lich King comes out. I made the mistake of not choosing Jewelcrafting when Burning Crusade launched. It was too late when I realized how profitable a new profession is, especially in the beginning when there is very little competition.

8. Prior to a WoW Seasonal event, purchase or farm items that are needed during these events. During certain times of the years, prices of certain items skyrocket. This is an excellent time to reap in the profits.

9. Understanding the basic World of Warcraft economy. It revolves around the basic concept of supply and demand. There must be both for any gold to be made.

For example, in Realms where level 70 players dominates the majority of the population, the price of some lower level items may be very high, this is because higher level players need these items to level new professions or getting items for their Twinks.

10. WoW is very fair, there is no single way to farm the most gold, there are many! Just find the way that suits your play style the most and enjoy your way of gold farming. It's a game after all!

These 10 World of Warcraft Gold Tips and Strategies have worked great for me, I hope you learned something from them.

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