10 Best Tips for Finding a Leaf Blower

By: TJS Vincent

There are various things that are involved in the purchasing of a leaf blower. A number these are just about personal choice and preference. But, you need to atempt to match the tool to the things that you want to do and the quantity of work that has to be done. Here are ten tips that should get you thinking in the right way:

1. Use a walk behind leaf blower if you have a lot of work to do, in particular if you reside in a woodland location and have a large yard to clear, where the leaves stack up to a depth.
2. Select a backpack blower when you have a fairly big yard with quite a lot of leaves to clear. Backpack leaf blowers are powerful, but comfortable and easy to use due to their design. You can use them for longer amounts of time without becoming as tired.
3. Use a hand held blower for light to moderate leaf blowing where the yard is a reasonable size and you don't have to use the machine for great periods of time. Hand held blowers are quick and easy to operate, but can become heavy after using them for a while.
4. Use a gas powered tool where you need a lot of blowing power and don't mind something that is quite heavy. Gas blowers come is different engine sizes to suit your power needs.
5. Select an electric machine for small areas and light leaf blowing. Electric machines use a power wire and that can restrict the distance that you can reach.
6. Choose a battery blower for very light work and where you only need to work for about twenty minutes. Some come with 2 batteries which will increase the usage time. The batteries are rechargeable.
7. Use a blower with a vacuum attachment if you need to collect and bag the leaves instead of just blowing them out of the way. Some machines also have a mulching feature that will shred the leaves and compress them to take up less space.
8. Select a fast air speed if you want to break up clumps of wet leaves and move larger objects. The air speed is measured in MPH and should be measured at the end of the pipe.
9. Look at machines that move a lot of air volume if you want to vacuum heavy, wet and large leaves You can find this out by looking at the measurements in cubic feet per minute or CFM.
10. Choose an electric blower if you need to have one that is quite quiet. Electric machines are also light.

After you have decided on the type of blower that you want to buy you should study as many reviews as possible so that you can get the most reliable and cost effective result.

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A leaf blower is for working and not resting in the corner of your garage broken or useless. Making the right choice is therefore important. For full details on leaf blower choices and the ratings that are important you should take a look at TJS Vincentís web site. You should then be able to choose your leaf blower with confidence Leaf Blower Ratings

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