1 Cent FB Clicks review

By: Chung Khoury

1 Cent FB Clicks review
Ok so this is the first time I have posted a review about a product since i'm pretty new to all of this.
In this post, I'm going to be talking about this product called 1 Cent FB Clicks.
Let me give you a little background about me first.
My name is James, and I started out with this Internet marketing stuff not too long ago, around 4 months ago.
Bought a bunch of products from the warrior forum and click bank.
2 days ago, I came across this product called 1 Cent FB Clicks by Jani G & Aaron Darko.
The name sounded really interesting, so I decided to check it out.
The video talked about how Jani & Aaron have been getting clicks using Facebook advertising, for as low as 1 cent.
Immediately my skeptic meter went up, and I wondered how they were able to get 1 cent fb clicks using this so called 'loophole'.
Anyway I took the leap of faith, and invested in it.
Here is my honest review after testing out 1 cent fb clicks.
The reason I want to give you this honest review is because i want you to make an informed decision before you invest in this.
The first thing i was greeted with was a nice video by Jani & Aaron, which was on the members home page, where they gave a overview of the members area, and what to expect.
They do seem like nice guys I must say.
There are a total of 4 modules, with an extra Bonus section which is packed with really good bonuses (which I won't say what they are as I don't want to ruin the surprise for you)
Let's just say that this is worth probably 10 times of the entire course.
The customer support is also very good. They even have a phone number that you can call and speak to someone if you need any help.
Anyway I went through the step by step videos in 1 cent fb clicks, and put it to the test the very same day.
Here are my results from my initial test with 1 cent fb clicks.
My Test results:
So the course boasts that you can get 1 cent fb clicks.
Is this true?
For me, even if I got 10 cents per click, that would have been good enough for me, as before this, I was paying anywhere up to $3 per fb click which is insane!
Anyway, I set up a brand new campaign.
I simply did what they said which is to pick a random click bank product (since I don't have my own website)

I decided to chose a product in the 'make money' niche, because I know that this is a competitive niche, so I wanted to see if I could really get cheap clicks in this niche.
After I picked the product, i followed what they taught in the videos to set up my first campaign.
The training videos are very easy to follow.
My Results After 1 day.
I started with a very small budget since this was a test.
Total Budget: $20
Clicks After 24 Hours: 931
Total Average Cost Per Click: 1-3 Cents
Total spent after 24 hours: $18
the cost of my clicks went up and down. I started with 2 cents, then it went up to 3 cents, but then down to 1 cent.
So overall i was getting between 1-3 cents per click
I actually can't believe I am getting clicks using Facebook fb ads for this cheap.
Here's how much money I made with this first test.
I got 931 clicks and direct linked straight to the Clickbank product which resulted in $433 in commissions.
So after my cost of $18 , my profit after 24 hours was $415.
This is a winner for me.
I mean to spend $18 and make back $415 in profit? Where else can you do this lol.
Of course these are my results and I have no idea about the results you'll get.
Anyway what i'm going to do is Post a few more updates on my Blog with more of my results.
If you want to contact me to ask me any questions about this, i'd be happy to answer them.
Have a good day

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