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There are countless leveling guides on the market these days. In the early days there were only one or two and they were not very good. In the last six months or so, a half dozen new players have hit the leveling guide market and World of Warcraft players have a nice little selection to choose from. But, what does that mean for a new entry to the field such as 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide? Not much if youíre as well rounded and complete of a guide as Nubunís guide is right out of the gate.
The Walkthrough
The walkthrough is the key to any 1-70 leveling guide. All the extra content and bonus bits in the world donít do anything for you if you canít get from Point A to Point B without becoming needlessly frustrated. Nubunís 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide does the walkthrough part about pitch perfect by making sure everything is spelled out in vivid detail. You get coordinates for every step of the way, NPC names, locations, and when needed descriptions of the steps. The guide doesnít through vague, hard to dissect instructions at you and assume you can figure them out Ė it makes sure you get it and walks you through to the end of the process. Easy to read, well situated numbering and bullet points along with a clear choice to not be too focused on any one class or style of play makes the guide just about right for everyone no matter how well seasoned of a player they are.
The 1-70 Leveling Guide
The alliance leveling guide comes in one of three different flavors, including a combination of images, videos, and coordinate tracking mods that make just about everything that much easier. The sheer volume of additions is what really blows me away though, especially in terms of videos and screenshots. The videos come in at over 200 strong and they each showcase a quest or stage of the game that might be hard to complete without a little visual help. The screenshots showcase which NPCs, quest locations, and mobs you should be looking at any given time and they can be quite useful especially when you donít necessarily know where you should be.
The Presentation
The 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide itself is pretty slick, utilizing a nice combination of visual additions and well written text to guide the player through World of Warcraft. The best part though is that the website, in conjunction with the download method is top notch. Not only can you download the guide directly for use on your desktop or printed out, you can access the videos and map-mod with in-game coordinates and leveling guide text through the members area of the site. To top everything off, there is a DVD guide option for sale as well, making it possible to own a hard-copy version of the guide. No matter what youíre looking for, you get what you need from Nubunís Leveling Guide.
In Nubunís 1-70 leveling guide, Iíve found what a lot of other leveling products have tried so hard to provide Ė a complete, well designed experience with multiple additions, multiple access methods, and a thorough walkthrough. You canít get much more complete than what Nubun has provided us this guide. Anyone looking to reach Level 70 has only to look as far as to this guide package.

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Nubunís 1-70 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide : "Never spend another night at your computer grinding on boars again!"

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