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LG KP500
I found a recent phenomenon, their friends to buy the time machine to buy apart from the quality of those traditional good, such as Nokia, Samsung cell phone outside, more and more friends have eye on the big screen of the mobile phone.
Large screen mobile phone are a lot of the benefits and effects on the screen, watching video, Internet access, games can give you a more comfortable experience, the previous big-screen mobile phone prices high, 3K, 4K is the entry-level
Other, with the Samsung, HTC, Nokia and other efforts to increase R & D, and now the big-screen cell phone already and the price gap between the traditional cell phone is not, we have selected the U.S. 2K Level 5 big-screen mobile phone fashion, are
The trend of those favorites, look and see.
LG KP500
Reference Price: 1780 yuan
LG this year's campaign than in previous years, to a large number of range, launched last year, this KP500 "Cookie" of the cell phone ads on television have also seen the U.S., this is a large touch-screen models, but design is also
Continuation of LG "Chocolate" the characteristics of time, the atmosphere of the airframe and the perfect body, this mobile phone in the market all the way up the sales also soared, after all, is also very affordable prices.
LG KP500 is a entry-level position of the touch screen mobile phone, the overall design is very avant-garde, airframe positive from the big screen as well as three key components, airframe dimensions of 106.5 55.4 11.9mm, weighs only
89g, more in line with the current ultra-thin fashion wind, a lot of trust can be compared to care about the appearance of mobile phone consumers. In regard to color black, brown, silver, gold, such as color selection for everyone, everyone
Can be carried out according to their own preferences selection.
Function with respect, it's screen is 3 inches, a resolution of 240 400 pixels, showing the effect of very clear and wide-screen during the video to appreciate the time will be more effective; 3,200,000 pixels
Although the camera did not add points for the aircraft but did not drag this holds back the cell phone in the camera's performance is very good, and some functions to take pictures as a selling point compared to the mobile phone does not aircraft at transmission side
Faced with both USB2.0 and Bluetooth 2.0 support, can help you realize at any time to share documents and share the joy of demand; aircraft around 50M memory, but will support MicroSD cards to expand memory capacity
Do not worry.
PConline Product - Specification Parameters Model: KP500 cookie Mobile Band: GSM, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, EDGE Size: 106.5 55.4 11.9mm Weight: 89 grams The main screen parameters: 240 400 pixels (WQVGA), Touch Panel System: Camera Pixels: 3,200,000 pixels Ringtones: 64 polyphonic, support MP3 ring tones Bluetooth: Supports Bluetooth, A2DP Bluetooth stereo, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR WiFi (WLAN): Expansion card: support TF card (microSD card), maximum support 8GB GPS:
Edit Comment: Very affordable, a large touch-screen models, together with the LG is excellent multimedia features and the price of less than 1K8, there is no reason not to echocardiography.
Advantages and disadvantages of LG KP500 Comments Advantages Disadvantages 1, a powerful entertainment performance
2, large touch screen 3, the design fashion
Sharp SH6018C
Reference Price: 2550 yuan
Now in the streets, we often can see a number of fashionable men and women from the bag or pocket and pull out a very clamshell style mobile phone, Sharp to enter China, unique and rare big-screen clamshell design
To a lot of Italian people, especially clamshell mobile phone design has little time to do has been the Japanese clamshell design mobile phone to be welcomed it is very natural thing. Sharp's SH6018C are recently listed
Models and their predecessors on the overall SH6010C similar level at 2K's highly competitive mobile phone.
Sharp SH6018C the overall framework of design and SH6010C similar, but the difference is that Sharp did not use SH6018C stainless steel front panel, front panel support Xpress-on color covers features, you can replace the random gifts
Sent to the color panel, very fashionable and trendy! SH6018C measurements of the size of 101.5 49 14.9mm, weighs 106.8g, thick SH6010C than 2mm, but still very comfortable grip.
Screen area, SH6018C still use a 2.6 inches WQVGA (240 400 pixels) resolution, 260,000-color ASV LCD main display, showing the effect of technology at Sharp under the guarantee of natural outstanding. At
Airframe behind Sharp SH6018C with a 3.2 million pixel camera, support for autofocus, but no self mirror and fill light, the image quality is still good! The following is a camera at a 0.5 inches,
60 32 pixel resolution OLED external screen, can show some basic information. Multimedia, SH6018C major built-in media player for MPEG-4, MP3 and other common audio and video formats
A good support, FM radio can also ensure that users required daily recreation. In connectivity and expansion, SH6018C airframe built-in 23MB memory and supports Micro-SD expansion card, users can, through Bluetooth
, Infrared and USB achieve a variety of ways, such as data transmission.
PConline Product - Specification Parameters Model: SH6018C Mobile band: Size: Weight: The main screen parameters: 240 400 pixels (WQVGA) System: Camera Pixels: 3,200,000 pixels Ringtones: Bluetooth: WiFi (WLAN): Expansion card: support TF card (microSD card) GPS:
Edit Comment: this cell phone on and 6010C as a whole, the advantages of fast reaction speed, and has a lot of the color covers to choose from, you are beauty-best choice.
Advantages and disadvantages of Sharp SH6018C Comments Advantages Disadvantages 1, shell fashion design
2, clamshell style design drawing 3, the screen shows the effect of the excellent
Reference Price: 1998 yuan
Mobile integrated GPS, Walkman digital products and so on function has been very ordinary, with the large-screen cell phone more and more used by many people, using mobile phone video look more and more is also required, and the speed of the network in China
Not a great leap forward in the case, RM / RMVB video also is available to the largest network of video resources, OPPO to conform to the trend of the times, introduced to support the RM / RMVB Series of Real music cell phone, this T9
Real is the second series of masterpieces.
T9 Founder designs used, and its large 3.2 inches screen with a resolution of 432 240, to achieve the industry's top level. OPPO T9 lasted T5 advantages, not only full support for MP3, WAV, WMA
, OGG, ACC, AMR and other formats, also supports APE, FLAC Lossless format, supported by a comprehensive music format, can be described as an all-format mobile music. T9 also support users in China often use the RM / RMVB Grid
-Style video, and FULL D1 standard hardware decoding capabilities, software decoder which are unparalleled. OPPO T9 are on the reverse side of a two million pixel camera, to meet the required daily filming, this video Strong Machine
The recent arrival of the Nanjing market, price of 1998 yuan, for the regular watch video friends, OPPO T9 is a very good choice.
PConline Product - Specification Parameters Model: T9 Mobile Band: GSM, GSM 900/1800 Size: Weight: Main screen parameter: Touch Panel, resolution 432 240 System: Camera Pixels: 2,000,000 pixels Ringtones: 64 polyphonic Bluetooth: Support Bluetooth WiFi (WLAN): Expansion card: support TF card (microSD card), support the 8GB card expansion GPS:
Edit Comment: RM / RMVB live second-generation mobile phone products, bringing the latest technology and large touch screen, stylish design, competitive prices, are like "carry look" good people running mate.
Advantages and disadvantages OPPO T9 Comments Advantages Disadvantages 1, live RMVB
2, 3 large screen touch, affordable Price Comparison
Sharp SH8010C
Reference Price: 1980 yuan
Sharp's SH8010C are licensed SH9010C mainland following the first after the second product is the cheapest cell phone Sharp licensed. And SH9010C different, SH8010C listed is the main one in low-end market
Sharp is also evident purpose is to cover the high school low-end market, thereby "invasion" of the Chinese market. Sharp's SH8010C is a stylish slider phone, but this handset also ordinary slide
Cover the different cell phone, cell phone use because this is "the whole slider" design, in the Department does not slide on a button, key in the keyboard Works Department, sounds much like the look is a touch screen mobile phone, concise fashion.
Sharp's SH8010C use a 2.8-inch 16 million color ASV screen resolution Although there is no other Sharp models so high, but it also reached the 240 400 pixels, showing the effect of very fine, together with the ASV
Technology SH8010c the screen viewing angle is very great. Camera is just getting started SH8010c aspects of 2,000,000 pixels, although the pixels is not high, but the image quality is still good. In addition, Sharp also SH8010C
Use of advanced Motion Control Motion Control Sensor Technology. Sloshing through the airframe can quickly start and turn off some commonly used procedures, we can according to their own personal preferences with the use of habit, will sound
Music, film, address book, games, etc. use the procedures set shortcut, shaking SH8010c Express airframe will be able to start the back airframe, the Express will be able to turn off the current run, Sharp SH8010c
Or full of the bright spots.
PConline Product - Specification Parameters Model: SH8010C Mobile Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Size: 102.9 48 14.9mm Weight: 105 grams The main screen parameters: 240 400 pixels (WQVGA) System: Camera Pixels: 2,000,000 pixels Ringtones: Bluetooth: Supports Bluetooth, A2DP Bluetooth stereo WiFi (WLAN): Expansion card: support TF card (microSD card) GPS:
Edit Comment: Whatever kind of mobile phone, Sharp brought the models has its own bright spot, this function compare SH8010C entry, but can still be required to meet the day-to-day, the biggest advantages of this are the mobile phone
Price is very cheap, fashion design personalized enough.
Advantages and disadvantages of Sharp SH8010C Comments Advantages Disadvantages 1,2.8-inch big screen
2, airframe design fashion 1, 2 weak camera function, the screen resolution is not high
Reference Price: 2380 yuan (8G)
Always concerned about the cell phone people, must know this very controversial mobile phone, a so-called "God made the first machine" and "category iPhone" model, but to be fair, this mobile phone design and hardware configuration
Real are still not bad, in the domestic mobile phone or cell phone are abroad are regarded as the top models, and "controversial" let this be able to attract public attention to mobile phone, M8 a lot of current software, and so
Satisfied required there is no problem.
MEIZU M8 has a stylish design, 12mm thickness and 118g weight so that the machine is very convenient to carry. It is 3.4 inches with a piece of 16 million color touch screen, 720 480 pixel high-resolution so that
Display extremely well, on this basis M8 on the video playback and photo viewing features such as more practical, Behind the dynamic operation itself has been able to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of players.
MEIZU M8 uses Windows CE 6.0 operating system, 667MHz frequency of the ARM11 processor and 256MB DDR SDRAM memory configuration to ensure the smooth running of the system, while M8 is also built-in 8GB capacity or
From 16GB of storage space for users to run arbitrary speed and data storage have a great help. At the excellent operation interface, M8 provided a major media player software, support
MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, OGG music format high-quality, video playback can also at the excellent display and video CODEC video decoding support to perfect play. Also equipped with M8
320 megapixel autofocus camera, to meet user needs in this regard. M8 official listing of the function of the lack of WiFi, and some regret. Moreover, according to the latest message, the 16GB version of MEIZU M8 and white
Upcoming versions, users have more choices.
PConline Product - Specification Parameters Model: M8 (8G) Mobile Band: GSM, GSM 900/1800/1900, EDGE Size: 108 59 12mm Weight: 118 grams Main screen parameter: Touch Panel, 480 720 pixels, multi-point touch operation System: Windows CE Camera Pixels: 3,200,000 pixels Ringtones: Bluetooth: Supports Bluetooth, Bluetooth v2.0, Supporting EDR WiFi (WLAN): Expansion Card: No expansion card function GPS:
Edit Comment: want big screen, want high-resolution, want intelligent, multi-point touch still want cheap, it seems that only this MEIZU M8 meet you in these the requirements of the.
Advantages and disadvantages of MEIZU M8 Comments Advantages Disadvantages 1, screen, multi-point touch
2, the hardware configuration of high 3, low prices 1, software is not a lot of
2, airframe Zhanhua fingerprints easily
Concluding remarks: the upgrading of mobile phone industry is dizzying people, by 2009 we will see more large-screen mobile phone, but universal, and only the price dropped to a certain extent in order to achieve our high
Hing to see that this model will be representative of paragraph 5 of this trend, and doubtless there will be more cheaper and practical to do large-screen mobile phone available.

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