'iPhone 3.0': more pluses than minuses

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Apple introduced iPhone 3.0 software, which is much awaited version as people who use iPhone 2.0 lacks some of the basic functions present even in low budget phones. The new OS promises a number of changes aimed at end-users and software makers alike. iPhone users get the new software for free, while iPod Touch users will have to pay $9.95.

Other than adding new features, Apple has also made up for some of the big misses in the existing model. So, here's over to the pluses and minuses of Apple iPhone 3.0 software. For iPhone users, that number is more than 100--the amount of new features Apple promises in iPhone 3.0.

The various new features are:

Now the users can copy and paste information--including text, blocks of HTML, and photos in the iPhone's built-in apps. Double tapping on text brings up a ‘Cut, Copy, Paste’ bubble and if you make a mistake, shake for undo.
The missing MMS feature in OS 2.0 is updated which is used for sending and receiving photos, contact information, audio files, and locations. Earlier, users could send text messages or snapshots via email only.
Stereo A2DP Bluetooth
Now iPhone OS will be able to use Bluetooth for connectivity to other iPhones by implementing the Bonjour auto-discovery and peer-to-peer networking via Bluetooth. Also the iPhone users will be able to listen to music through wireless headphones now.
Text messaging
The new iPhone version offers text forwarding feature, users will now be able to delete individual messages in a chat thread. Also, with the latest version users will be able to forward meeting invites and contacts.
The iPhone will now become a full-fledged GPS device with iPhone 3.0. The feature will provide turn-by-turn GPS driving directions and embed Google Maps in their apps.
Shake to shuffle songs
The new iPhone software comes with shake-to-shuffle-songs capability. The feature was first introduced in the revamped iPod Nano.
Landscape keyboard and Push notification
Users will now be able to read and compose email and text messages in landscape mode. The next-generation iPhone operating system will enable so-called push notification, allowing developers to build applications that can provide automatic alerts of items such as sports results or the arrival of an instant message.
"Spotlight" Search
The company has unveiled a widely anticipated universal search feature called "spotlight," which can scour key applications on the phone such as email and iPod.

Beside all the above user also have a Voice Memos app to record, edit, and share audio files; CalDAV and .ics calendar support; the ability to sync notes via iTunes; auto-fill; anti-phishing technology; and extended parental controls. The feature will let users hunt for information in multiple applications at once, including notes, calendar and iTunes.

What Apple did not announce for iPhone OS 3.0
Video recording
There were speculations for video recording feature, however, Apple again disappointed. This is especially a dampener since video recording feature is today found in most cell phones, even those at the lower end.
Apple dogged this topic by saying they had no announcements today. Earlier, Adobe said it is working on iPhone Flash, but sadly for now there is no support for Adobe Flash in the upcoming iPhone model.
Voice dialing
The glaring miss in the latest upgrade is lack of voice dialing feature. It lacks support for voice-recognition to let users dial verbally.
Between escalating rumors, increased competition, and good old fashioned feature requests, Apple didn't quite satisfy everyone's appetites. The following is an exploration of what is still missing from iPhone OS 3.0 that some would still like to see.
Plug-ins and any other runtime environments
Speaking of Flash plug-ins, Apple also made no mention of allowing other platforms like Java on to the iPhone.
Unified messaging
Palm introduced unified messaging in early Treos with the ability to view and reply to e-mails and SMSes in a single list. But Apple has decided to not yet hop on this bandwagon with iPhone OS 3.0. E-mails are still collected with Mail, which you need to quit if you want to check on your SMS backlog.

Hence, iPhone OS 3.0 brings a broad array of new features for both developers and consumers which are a basic necessity of young entrepreneurs. But, as always there is a scope for improvement in any thing.

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