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Help stop foreclosure | 7 Tips

Selling your home quickly should be your main goal when marketing your house or when staring at a default. The more rapidly that you can move it then the less time the bank has to process and finalize the foreclosure process. Timing is hugely significant. Many revert to a quick bank sale as a means to help stop foreclosure, assuming the banks will pony up to that concept.

These sales ideas may help YOU in the sale of your home and perhaps might even help prevent foreclosure. If you really need to move your house then you {must|have|really need| to be genuinely involved; you may not want to just hire a realtor and then sit back and wait. If you especially want a fast house sale, then read these tips and then use them. You can find the forms for your real estate transaction here.

I've been selling real estate for about ten years now and have sold thousands and thousands of properties. This stuff just plain works. I'm not a very good article creator but I am a pretty good real estate agent, so please consider using these techniques to sell your home more quickly.


Discover the competitionand try to price your house LOWER than theirs. Be sure to adjust for differences in the two properties. Okay, this sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be astonished how many people are in urgent need of selling their homes but when it comes to pricing it they become very defensive. The price of your house is NOT a measure of your self-worth. Get it sold at a better-than-average deal for the buyer and move on. Remember that this is a buyers market; you are competing against foreclosure sales, auctions and the like.


Offer Buyer Incentives. This is an old trick but one that so, so many people don't take advantage of. Do something cool such as offering a free 52" Plasma TV or a free hot tub with the purchase of your home. Don't be over-creative as you want to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. For some reason, just offering money towards closing costs doesn't register in buyers' minds as solidly as that new extra-wide stainless fridge awaiting them in their new kitchen.


Offer a Buyer's Agency Bonus (See below for more on this). Remember, it probably costs you less to pay a bonus now instead of having to wait two years to sell your home. Keep in mind that many agents expect at least 3% of the total purchase price and perhaps more in this buyers market.


Make your own web site featuring your home. Don't be afraid to make more than one. Link them all together for better search engine placement. Many sites offer free web site hosting / design or free blogs. is where I did mine. Don't forget to submit your sites to all the major search engines when done.


Email ALL of the realtors in your area and let them know that your are trying to sell your home. You can easily find out who they are and get their email addresses by doing a quick search. Remember: Money talks! Be sure to tell them that you are prepared to pay a healthy finders fee for the one who can produce a buyer.


Call local, large employers who may occasionally relocate to your area and let them know about your home. Try to ask for the person in charge of relocation and ask them if you could email your flier to them. Make SURE you let them about the buyer's bonus.


Check out the local newspapers' online classified sections and get your home listed in them. Take advantage of all free publicity. Many online classified listings are cheaper than the printed version, and some are free. Online listings offer the added advantage of getting cross-listed in web searches as well.

Good luck to you and your family on this project. Please keep in mind that many agents will tell you that you have to "be patient". I do not agree with this; this is more of a way that allows agents to buy time. Most successful sales are generated within the first 3 weeks of the listing. If you have had your home on the market for a long time, then please get to work and employ some of these tactics. Even if you already have an agent you should still try to help as it is in your best interest. You can get the real estate forms here.

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