"Why Robert Kiyosaki Shares His Passion For Success"

By: Robert Thomson

Although Robert Kiyosaki has founded numerous companies, like gold, silver, real estate, and manufacturing, he feels most passionate about his publishing company. This is because he truly enjoys publishing books that teach people how to make and manage money. He believes that a financial education is the prerequisite to following the American dream.

Robert Kiyosaki also does workshops and seminars to improve financial education. He seeks to enlighten, to awaken, and to educate people about how to earn, spend, save, and invest their money.

However, it would be a mistake to say that he is just another financial advisor, educating people about money, because, often enough, his ideas are controversial and oppose conventional advice about money. His mission is to introduce a new conversation about money-even if these new ideas are unpopular.

Although there are many opportunities for people to become wealthy today, only a few people prosper. The reason for this apparent contradiction is that most people rely on antiquated advice espoused by the media on how to get rich. Following conventional financial advice, in fact, often makes people poorer.

His publishing business started in 1997 when he, his wife Kim, and his business partner Sharon Lecthter published "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." It is a biographical story of how he acquired a financial education growing up in Hawaii. The true story contrasts the influence of two men in his life. One was his father, who was the head of education in the State of Hawaii, and the other was his friend Mike's father, who never completed school, dropping out at 13 years old. In the book, he calls his real father "poor dad" and his friend's father, "rich dad."

What started out as a good idea-sharing his lessons about money as he grew up-turned out to be a publishing phenomenon. Since Robert Kiyosaki had his book rejected by the major publishing houses, he did not expect his published book to do very well. He neither expected fame nor fortune; and his main motivation for writing the book was simply to share the lessons he had learned about money while growing up in Hawaii. Much to his surprise "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" rose to the top of The New York Times bestseller list and stayed there for nearly five years. Only three other books have ever accomplished this feat. Today, 23 million copies of his book have been sold in more than 44 languages.

The reason for the book's outlandish success is that it told the truth about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Quite simply, the poor follow bad advice promulgated by financial advisors on popular media. Another factor contributing to the success of the book is that a number of readers who followed the advice in it actually got richer.

Conventional Money Wisdom

A reoccurring theme that Robert Kiyosaki sees on television talk shows discussing finances is the advice his poor dad followed: namely, get a good education, secure an excellent job, work long and hard, save your money and invest it in diversified mutual funds portfolio for the long run.

He first heard this advice on a morning television show the year after he had published his book.

What he first heard in 1998, was repeated at the beginning of every year until 2005, by the same expert. The same bad advice was always approved with the same gratified smiles by the host and hostess. Meanwhile, in the real world, it appeared that millions of viewers had followed that line of advice because about $9 trillion was lost by people buying diversified mutual funds. Ironically, while people were losing this colossal amount of money, The Economist magazine reported that savvy investors enjoyed the biggest financial boom in world history. The leading earning markets were real estate and commodities-something that was not mentioned on television, which happen to have a lot of mutual fund commercials.

When Robert Kiyosaki speaks, people listen-because he is genuinely interested in helping them with their finances. Unlike most financial advisors in the public eye, he has a track record that proves that he knows how to make money and keep it growing. If he is controversial, it is only because he is focused on telling people the truth-something which a lot of popular network television shows are not interested in.

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Jack Jameson is a life coach, financial planner and real estate investment guru. When he is not brokering deals, he spends time writing to share his tips for success. He frequently draws on advice from the writings of his mentor Robert Kiyosaki at https://www.richdadcoaching.com/.

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