"Process At Home" Scam Warning

By: Chris310

How many of you have clicked on “Top 10 Home Business Scams”, or the like, on the internet and have been directed to someone’s domain website that claims to have the ONLY home business opportunities that work!?? Right? They build a perception of credibility by exposing a few of the more publicized business scams (envelope stuffing, home assembly, etc) and then plug some scammy business of their own. This “switch and bait” tactic has worked remarkably well during the last few years.

In order to help you “weed through” these home business opportunities and make an intelligent choice, I will be exposing some of the more deceptive and misleading advertisements. The following is a review of Angel Stevens’ “Process At Home” rebate processing scam and represents a typical lifecycle of those that fall prey:

1) Pay $197 dollars towards a dream of working at home, processing an endless amount of customer rebates, and earning $15 per rebate; you’re led to believe that each rebate takes 4 minutes to complete and that a list of rebates requiring processing will be emailed to you. Sounds simple and lucrative, right?

2) So……..you create accounts with affiliate network companies, as instructed, and choose products (through the network) for which you will offer rebates; the affiliate network companies will track and payout your promised commissions, which are based on a percentage of the sale price of the product. For example, if you promote an e-book online that costs $40 and pays 50% commission, you’ll offer a rebate of $5. When you sell the book, you’ll make 50% of $40, or $20, and end up with a profit of $15 (after you pay your customer the $5 rebate).

Note: The affiliate network company that “Process At Home” promotes is Clickbank, which strictly prohibits you from promising customer rebates, coupons, tickets, or vouchers in connection with Clickbank purchases. Per Clickbank’s “Terms of Agreement”, Clickbank can actually cancel your account if they become aware of this practice. Hmmm….I wonder if Angel Stevens is aware of this.

3) Just about this time, you realize that a list of rebates requiring processing DOES NOT EXIST and that you’ve been lied to; you must market your own rebate offer without any internet marketing guidance, whatsoever.

4) You attempt to create your own ad campaign to promote your rebate offers.

5) Pay hundreds or thousands of dollars monthly to “spread the word” about your rebate offer.

6) Realize that you’re spending way too much money on campaign costs and not getting any sales.

7) Realize that the promise of making thousands of dollars per day or week by completing 4-minute rebates is simply not true.

8) You attempt to get your money back per “Process At Home’s” ironclad 3-month
”Make Money Or It’s Free”, Triple Satisfaction Guarantee.

9) Get the runaround, waste your time, and never get your money back; there are countless testimonial “nightmare” stories on the internet, regarding “Process At Home’s” failure to honor their so-called “Ironclad Money Back” guarantee.

Also, you can visit the Better Business Bureau’s website in order to view “Process At Home’s” rating; it’s no surprise that “Process At Home” received an “F” rating.

Whoa!! How’s that for a crash course into the shenanigans of “Process At Home”!!?

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